Heeb HeroJust when you thought it was getting too dangerous to keep those 613 Mitzvot, The Jewish Hero Corps are here to “keep the peace.”

The Jewish Hero Corps is a Super-Hero Team whose common enemies are Jewish amnesia and apathy. Each of the heroes, some with Superpowers, some with clever devices of their own making, fight for Jewish values and truth, justice, and the American way.

…Thank G-d there are those willing to stand up against “Jewish amnesia and apathy,” though I’m a little frightened about them fighting for “the American way.”

Regardless, there’s certainly a need for the awesome powers of “Minyan Man.”

Minyan Man, the “Decimal Daredevil” can multiply into ten. Even the other members of the Jewish Hero Corps have no clue as to the source of his mysterious ability. He is an agile acrobat and will even leap into “circus formation” once he has multiplied into ten, becoming a pyramid or a human chain.

Davening in pyramid formation? Now that’s a service even the hell-bound apikorsim would attend.

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  • This was a good post. I have the first issue of the comic that came out over a year ago. I wish they would do a second issue or a series. The names of the characters is just to much fun to loosel.

  • My kids love it. We are also waiting for the next edition…anyone know when it will be out?

  • Issue #2 will (hopefully) be out by Purim.
    In the meantime, there are Jewish Hero Corps costumes available for the top four heroes.
    To keep informed, go to jewishsuperhero.com
    Alan Oirich
    Jewish Hero Corps Headquarters