#3: Frum Girls are HOT
Hot and Frum!Hot. Frum. Two words that do not often go together. Except for here in Jerusalem. There just seems to be no shortage of interesting women who are also frum. And what a variety! You have the standard issue frum women whose skirts are just below the knee revealing these uh… boots that seem to be very much in vogue this winter. The boots go up to the knees and are technically modest, but for reasons of tznius I will refrain from citing their more popular appellation. Just think black leather fetish boots, with either spiked heels or outrageous platforms etc., curiously coupled with otherwise demure clothing. On the other extreme you also have funkier frum women who have a devastating appeal all their own; nose piercings, knitted caps, colorful shawls – totally tznius and yet… totally hot.

Avital, on the right, for example, represents this interesting hybrid – pierced nose, red rasta-like locks, fully tznius approved clothing and (not pictured) awesome knee-high platform boots. Look for Avital on Ben Yehudah street where she works as a hostess at a popular WIFI enabled Cafe.

Orah of NeveAnd in case you think the attraction is purely physical, well … it isn’t. Orah, pictured here, studies at Neve Yerushalayim. She was at Cafe Hillel putting the finishing touches on her paper about the origins of Jihad. Tonight she did some fieldwork for her research on Jerusalem squatters. Pretty cool no?

I have been surprised by how these women can be erudite and intelligent and also compellingly spiritual. There’s this whole yin yang thing going on, a sublime combination of the sacred and, well, I wouldn’t say profane, but definitely less than sacred. It goes without saying that this dynamic does not at all apply to otherwise monochromatic frum guys. Go figure.

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Founder and Publisher of Jewlicious, David Abitbol lives in Jerusalem with his wife, newborn daughter and toddler son. Blogging as "ck" he's been blocked on twitter by the right and the left, so he's doing something right.


  • CK — I’m thinking you should also post a picture of last night’s chica from the Thai place. And while you’re at it, maybe start a nice little online photo scrapbook of various hot frummies you encounter while in the holy land. I’d contribute a few pics! (even including one, perhaps, of a bodacious shomeret-shabbat babe that contributes to this site…)


  • Ariela, I had suggested to ck, before he left for Israel, an idea that would mesh very nicely with yours.

  • Muffti still wonders about something he heard in jewish primary school called ‘Shomer Nageeah’. It’s defined as that practice that makes all hot frum chicks, no matter how hot, more frustrating than fun if I remember correctly. But, point well taken. Keep the reasons coming.

  • Yeah… Hey, CK, here you are giving Muffti all these reasons to make aliyah…when are YOU going to fulfill your Zionist duty? You’re not getting any younger, and Jewish babies don’t just make themselves.


  • It takes two to tango Michael. What can I say? You hit upon a delicate spot, but I am confident that when the time is right, stuff will happen. Believe me, it’s not for lack of will or lack of effort. But I do know that clearly, ck is not every eishet chayil’s cup of tea …

  • Have you tried out your famous shirt on the frum and non-frum denizens of Jerusalem? I’m wondering how that goes over….I’m sure they just think that CK is some new American punk band….

  • hey ive just started visiting this site this week n gotta say it totally rox cept i dunt understand half the stuff ur talking about cuz it seems like something who always reads this would know…
    neway luv how u guys r so pro being jewish n making aliyah n stuff
    n coming from a girl i must say that israeli girls (all of them) just become waaay better looking once in israel…maybe its in the humus or something?…also ive always had this dream of making aliya and becoming more frum n then id b all rusta n stuff aswell..n now i know i can do that n not b totally isolated ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • jess: feel free to ask any question you like, we’re all pretty nice here. Most of the time. BTW, your taltalim (curls) would look awesome all rasta’d up and stuff.

  • jess, there are all kinds of mad beautiful rasta girls and boychicks running around over here. plan on being here for Boombamela over Passover, and you’ll be in heaven.

  • Not to sound too pop-psychology-ish, but is it any surprise to anyone that well-educated, confident, girls who don’t need to wear undersized spandex to feel properly dressed are attractive to guys. Frankly, a “modest” girl who protects her own sexuality has the potential to make a guy feel much more special than one her advertises her body to anyone and everyone. Plus, like the tzniut rules or not, skirts are more flattering than skin tight pants for 95% of the female populace.

  • lol ill try rustering up my taltalim
    i was at the tel aviv beer festival last summer that was a preety awesome place to meet all the rusta israelis lol- i luv how they dance
    whats boombamela?

  • boombamela is this crazy hippy festival on the beach during pesach, something inbetween woodstock and burning man….but way better looking.

  • well i just want to say that im in love with the O-girls. (for people not in accordance with secular lingo that means orthodox girls) Theres somthing about them that drives a secular guy like me wild. I dont know if it that they can’t be touched (though not always true) or just the perfectness of just being frum and hott at the same time. One of them asked me to stop eating pork. Which in my family was a really hard thing to do..But ive been porkless for 5 months now.. I dont know how they do it… They just control me….ROAR ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Yes, thank god we stole some the red-hair, green-eyes and white-skin genetics from the gentiles!
    They would have wasted it all on making people of principle and worth, instead of as fashion idols and whores.
    Damn them! It’s all an act, gentiles are really as base as we are. They only care about sex and money, all their expressions of altruism aren’t godly, they are a crude trick!

  • The presence of words in some sort of semi-logical order indicates you are trying to express something, but I can’t figure out what

  • So funny. All of these comments remind me of a time when I spent 3 wks at Aish and Ohr. After class, sitting having a bagel, I’d watch the frum women (mostly BT) and think: “they’ve got something that my secular girl friends don’t”. And here’s an entire post discussing this very thing.

    So now, 6 years after Aish, I’m dating a frum Jewish girl who’s cool through and through. My concern was/is: she’s more machmir than me in all sorts of ways. And a rabbi told me: “Men should always marry up”. I’m not married yet, but the words have stayed with me.

    In the 80’s a glam metal band entitled Y&T wrote a song entitled “Summertime Girls”. I’d like to redo it as “Frum Girls”…video and all.

  • eek
    Fatherhood is all about learning to handling new experiences, and here’s one I haven’t had before. What should a father do when he sees his daughter spread over a Jewlicious post singing the praises of “hot frum girls”?
    My own first answer was “…

  • You know, those hamin ingredients on your site, Avital’s Abba, look interesting. How did it come out?

    You could make ck atone by providing his mother, Bracha’s, hamin recipe. Then shoot him.

  • “What should a father do when he sees his daughter spread over a Jewlicious post”

    Thank God. Because this post will do more for kiruv than Aish and Chabad combined. How do I get my male friends to attend Shabbos dinners….tell ’em cute Jewish girls will be there. I’m telling you, for secular Jewish males, this just might be the way back to Torah.

  • It is a well known fact that Israeli girls are the hottest they come.

    We’ve voted on that many times at our Hillel and they just can’t be beat by anyone!

  • Um, ck, you might want to investigate Avital’s Abba’s site a little more diligently while you’re pulling that foot outta your mouth. ๐Ÿ˜†

  • ck stands by everything he says. There is no possibility of ck’s foot in ck’s mouth when all comments made were tongue in cheek.

    Shtreimel: Dude. Sssshhh! Don’t give away the secret agenda!!

  • TM hopes that the sticky tongue pushed in further by the wayward foot comes loose again.

  • T_M: I have no idea what you keep going on about. I know Avital – that dude, whoever he is, is decidedly NOT her father.

  • Hey, Avital’s Abba, you have a nice family there. I happen to believe you’re her abba even if ck doesn’t. But please don’t shoot him because 1. you’re likely going to go to jail for premeditated murder, and 2. we really need him to provide content and pay for all this bandwidth.

  • Wow. How funny is that? You might actually in fact be her Dad. That having been said, I think TM’s advice is good and it’s best we dispense with the shotguns. Truth is though I wasn’t really worried, you seem to e possessed of a pleasant enough disposition and you could have found me easily by now on the basis of Avital’s description. There aren’t many big guys with baseball caps wearing shorts in downtown Jerusalem right now.

    I also think that despite the provocative title you can probably discern the respectful tone I took. I guess this can be viewed as a well meaning attempt at kiruv gone perhaps a little awry. For what it’s worth, your daughter does her job very well and very seriously. She’s also very pleasant and sweet and was kind enough to let us take her photo and use it. We showed her the blog entry and she thought it was very funny (we shot the photo, edited and uploaded the image and wrote the post while at the cafe).

    So there you have it. This is definitely the oddest thing EVER. If it mitigates anything at all, we pulled all this off using a Firefox browser.

  • OK ck, you’re off the hook this time. I didn’t really have any problem with your original post, but I didn’t want to see a less respectful tone cropping up in the comments (also, I just like to tease people ๐Ÿ˜‰ ). Anyway, I don’t own a shotgun, and anyway, Avital knows how to look after herself. She is the best.

  • I don’t know about oddest, but it is definitely among the most amusing Jewlicious events ever. Ever. I mean, I can’t stop laughing.

    On the basis of everyone’s very calm, pleasant and even humorous approach to this, I am positive you have a great family, Avital’s Abba, and somebody will be very fortunate to have you for a father in law. Please visit us some more because ever since your first comment (#15), I’ve had a big smile on my face at just how small this world has become.

  • yo, ck, give alli my digits to give to orah. i’ve got a few friends who she has to talk to for her fieldwork.

  • Mobius, you mean Asi, the homeless guy who hit on me in the sherut back from Tel Aviv after which I informed him, “If you don’t get your head off of my shoulder I will sock you in the face”?

  • Muffti still doesn’t get it. Isn’t a hot frum girl sort of like a corvette that you aren’t allowed to drive at full speed? ๐Ÿ™‚

    Who didn’t love that analogy?

  • Surley Mufti has heard of the “lure of the forbidden” and “Rules were meant to be broken”? ๐Ÿ™‚

    DISCLAIMER: I am sure that any girl mentioned in this post would never deviate from the highest standards of modesty.

  • Hey Avital!
    Nice picture. Always looking good. It was funny reading what ppl had to say about you. see you soon, love, your childhood friends…

  • Muffti – why are you soooooo unidimensional? your corvette analogy implies that women are good for only one thing. Not such a good strategic move …

  • Muffti thanks ck for pointing out the obvious. Now let Muffti return the favour: the smiley face is intended to convey the joking aspect. Like if Muffti says ‘ck is a big, fat, stupid dummy-head who always criticizes muffti for stupid reasons,’ and then put a :), you know that Muffti is (at least half) kidding. No dis-respect was intended to the frum ladies, who are good, no doubt, for many many things.

  • Fineline,
    unfortunately, most Israeli ‘secular’ girls don’t wear skirts because it might seem that they’re religious, heaven forbid.
    When I did my bachelors at Bar-Ilan, anytime a non-religious girl wore a skirt, they felt that they had to wear a tank-top of belly shirt as well just to make sure that everyone ‘knew’.
    One secular’ girl I’ve met told me that she decided to wear a skirt (not a mini) to a disco on Friday night and kept getting approached by sincerely concerned Jews that a religious girl should not be out on erev shabbos.

    looks and halachic knowledge aren’t everything. What’s important is if she and/or her mom cook well? I married Yemenite religious, I think ’nuff said.

  • A good frum girl, who can find? Her worth is far beyond that of Louis Vuitton bags.

    Okay, ck, maybe you’re right. This may narrowly edge out falafel as a good reason for aliyah. A country with (some) girls who don’t run when they see the tallit katan…oy, what a country!

  • I’ve got several sexy, beautiful, smart, funny, frum girlfriends here in Seattle, and there are NO MEN!!! They’re either Reform, or intermarried. I’m not kidding, if you’re looking for a shidduch then Seattle is the place to be, especially if you are looking for a college educated woman between 30 and 40.

    It has become my personal obsession lately to get all of my friends married off.

  • Hey lets have a family reunion! I can vouch for Avital’s father since he’s my uncle, I know him fairly well. Hi Simon! I think you guys are underestimating us non-frum Jewish girls though – it’s not all about gorgeous red hair and knee high boots! ;o)

  • Avital’s Cousin,

    I don’t know how else to judge other than to look at a photo.


  • In other word Avital’s cousin. Send us a PHOTO! And for G*d’s sake – DO NOT TELL YOUR DAD!!!

  • Why not? Tell your dad. And tell your dad to tell his friends. There’s nothing improper going on here and we now even have pics of cute li’l doggies.

    Hint for ck: telling dads = publicity; publicity = no need for cheatin’ bastids.

  • Avital is very cute. How old is she? She looks, like what, maybe 17 or 18? No wonder her Abba feels a bit strange with her picture and this conversation being here. And Orah seems to be a lovely girl as well, but her picture is small and badly lit.

    I am speaking here as a 36 yr old mother of three, you understand. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Anyway, I think the word you are looking for with your comment about “a sublime combination of the sacred and, well, I wouldnรขโ‚ฌโ„ขt say profane, but definitely less than sacred” is “secular”. So, “a sublime combination of the sacred and secular”.

    Does that help?

  • Irit: Avital is I would guess about 18. Her Dad sent me pics of her to prove that she was in fact his daughter, much to my great embarassment and the latest ones he had were of her showed her to be quite young. So yeah, my guess is a pre-Army 17.

    As for the sacred / profane thing – I have no comment. I have gotten into enough trouble already and despite the relative lack of shotguns in Israel, her Dad will likely find one anyway and then I’ll be screwed. Or full of buckshot. Or both.

    Orah is sweet but that was a bad pic taken at Cafรƒยฉ Hillel – what can you do.

  • This may sound sick but do you know of any good web sites with pictures of frum-style girls? I don’t mean “adult” websites, just regular pictures. Is it bad that I look through onlysimchas.com to look at hot frum girls?

  • avital, you seem sweet and smart and gentle and alive, a daydream to a boy in boston, u.s.a.

  • Is that all postings or are there some pictures of hot jewish girls….which i’m all about despite being just a goy. The other gentile boys are missing out, I am a confirmed lover of Jewish hotties from Florida or the Holy Land.

  • Regarding comment #11 by Jess: When Jean-Claude Van Damme was in Israel trying to film “The Order” he made a comment about how Israeli girls have big bosoms because they eat a lot of hummus.

  • ORAH, shoot me an email! I went to Ohr Somayach–your brotha skool. I’d like to get to know ya!

  • oh please you guys are a bunch of nerds. She is not even close to being classed as attractive

  • Bob, I most sincerely disagree. She is quite wonderful. Who in your estimation would meet your criteria?

  • Ciaran, if that is your real. Doesnt seem very Yiddish to me. If you are looking for a real woman look no further than Amy Irving author of Crosssing Delancey. Now theres a woman Id proudly take home to mama

  • Bob. I’m from Ireland. That’s the origins of my first name. Sorry I don’t have a generic name like yours.

  • No please Ciaran allow me to apologise for my derision of your name. it was rather uncooth of me. Havent we met before in the Dublin Synagogue. You were wearing blue shoes

  • Oh… Bob.
    You introduced yourself to me as Dick. How could I forget. I took that to be a funny American joke. But no you were merely informing me of your character. Have you stopped rubbing your head yet?

  • If you say so Bob. Clearly everyone else disagrees but you’re entitled to your opinion, even if it is COMPLETELY OUT TO LUNCH AND TOTALLY OUT OF TOUCH WITH REALITY!

  • hi i tink you are sexy i would love to eat you hot wet pussy to you cum all in my face then you get on top of my hard thick 9in dick

  • sexy girls? Forget it. Whats best for jewish guys is to find a girl who is like your mom. Think about it . Shes the one who makes you smile just by calling you on the phone.Making your favorite dish .Or just by remembering your bar mitsva anniversary. Now thats what jewish guys need. Think of her and you just cant help but smile and feel in a word -fullfilled. Sexy? thatll last till shes 31 then what do you have? a You havent touched it in a month relationship and a strange sticky stain on the floor right in front of where your computer is on the table

  • i’d just like to meet a young woman who doesn’t speak lashon hara, or at least tries not to.

  • OH MY G-D, I LOVE hot frum girls. I’m so glad I became frum… to bad all the FFBs (frum from births) think their too good for me… those redheads drive me up a f-in wall, man, I can’t take it. I lived in Crown Heights for 5 years and just went nuts any time I walked outside my yeshivah. Especially on Shabbos, when ‘Malchus is elevated to Kesser’ apparently by means of dominatrix-style dress. Oh man, I long for the days of the Messaih, when, quote, ‘women will encompass men’. FUCK YEAH.