Easy Come, Easy Go

oy, those russkis

If you haven’t been closely following Russian politics and business in the post-Gorbachev era, none of this will probably mean anything to you. But if you have, you already know about the roller coaster ride enjoyed by Russia, its “government” and the mostly Jewish oligarchs that pushed post-Soviet Russian Society, kicking and screaming, into a more Westernized free market economy. And now we see Kleptocracy begetting a slow creep back into authoritarianism as Vladimir Putin eviscerates his enemies and anyone who would oppose him.

For those of you who care, The Jerusalem Post has the skinny on Putin’s theft de facto nationalization of Yukos, Russia’s biggest oil company, which last year generated $11 billion in revenue and $3 billion in profit. We also get the final word on the Jewish oil baron / oligarchs who originally stole purchased Yukos in a state giveaway sale organized by a grateful former Premiere Boris Yeltsin. I don’t think anyone comes out of this story looking good (in typical Russian manner) and this puts into context last week’s call for a ban on all Russian Jewish Organizations. For the final word on that bit of stupidity, one must, of course, read the exile.ru tongue-in-cheek editorial titled Reforming The Jews:

Krutov and his co-signers said out loud what most in Russia have been saying out loud for centuries: That the Jews are up to their old shenanigans again, and that by constantly prattling on and on about alleged anti-Semitism, they are in fact stoking anti-Semitism, while harming the Russian state. This must end … Russia simply cannot afford the luxury of letting Jews continue on the way they are today. The longer Russia waits, the more the Jews will kvetch.


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