So the final results are in for the Jewish Israeli Blog Awards and while preliminary results indicated that we had totally roasted almost every category, apparently that is not the case – apparently y’all are a bunch of cheatin’ bastids and big chunks of the votes we received were invalidated. Well I guess we’ll all chalk that up to the inherent weaknesses of the one IP address/one vote/no cookies system. Or that y’all are in fact cheating bastids. But it’s all good. We shouldn’t have gotten ANY votes. Cuz we’re Mormons. And we don’t make use of cute kitty photos 😉

Oskar!So here’s how we did:

Best Overall Blog: 3rd place
Best New Blog 2004: 1st Place
Best Group Blog: 2nd Place
Best Designed Blog: 2nd Place
Best Israel Advocacy Blog: 2nd Place
Best Jewish Culture Blog: 3rd Place

Cheating or no cheating, for a blog that’s been around a mere 8 months, we are all proud of the impact we’ve had. We placed in every category in which we’ve been nominated and I tip my hat off to my fellow bloggers, our visitors and the blogging community as a whole. Dave at Israellycool did a great job and we all owe him a debt of gratitude for exposing us to the full spectrum of the Jewish blogosphere. Congrats go out to the winners and all the participants as well. Good job.

P.S.: That’s Laya’s dog Oscar. Isn’t he just sooo cute?

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Founder and Publisher of Jewlicious, David Abitbol lives in Jerusalem with his wife, newborn daughter and toddler son. Blogging as "ck" he's been blocked on twitter by the right and the left, so he's doing something right.


  • Awesome! Well deserved victory!
    Thats not ass kissing, thats the real deal.
    Jewlicious is the only jewish blog I read now since all
    the others (in my opinion) have gone to the dogs.

    Rock On, Jewlicious!

  • The Muffti sees that we get the award for most votes deducted. It’s a bit of a shame: not only are we cheatin’ bastids, we aren’t even any good at hiding our tracks. Anyhow, Muffti certainly is glad we didn’t use the hated animal felis catus in our service because they are products of the devil.

  • GM: Ha ha ha. I do have a cute pic of Laya’s mutt. Maybe we shoulda used that ….

    Actually, ya know what? I’ll add it in. Hang on.

  • Muffti likes dogs. They’re cool.

    Anyhow, with all due respect to JIB, awards (especially one that decided by open vote) are complete bullshit. If Muffti hadhis way, we would have withdrawn from the competition completely.

  • Um, why did “we” cheat? Why didn’t “we” just ask some people, like the yeshiva boys surfing porn in that cafe, to vote? Anyway, I think it is all a ploy by Mobius to make “us” look bad.

    Sadly, I only voted once and now wish I had voted more often.

  • Seems this has been a strange century for truth in voting.

    I cannot believe you put Oscar up there. Tho if we had done so earlier, who knows where we might be today.

  • Well done, guys. I am just sorry that some of your readers are cheatin’ bastids 🙂

    You got it right…this blog has not been around long, but is already making its mark. So be proud.

    Muffti, with all Jew respect, I always asserted that the “awards” part was just a fun way to promote the Jewish, Israeli, and pro-Israel blogs. So withdrawing from the contest would have just meant you being exposed to less new readers, and looking like a complete ass (you see, I just used “expose” and “ass” in the same sentence)

    By the way, nice mutt!

  • Is that a typo? Did you mean to write “nice butt?”

    Anyway, thanks for your efforts. It was fun being exposed to the other blogs – especially the one with the kitty pics.

  • Dave: As long as we have you here, how did the cheating take place? What kind of cheating was it?

  • I’m with Laya.

    Early strategic deployment of Oscar could have completely prevented the need for cheatin’ bastids.

  • And a well placed “sit Uboo, sit” certainly would have put us over the top

  • Dang it! I knew I should have sent you a picture of my pug. No one can resiste the Power of the Pug. The Power of the Pug compells you!

  • Muffti is pretty sure that the less new readers he is exposed to, the better. He just seems to piss people off anyways.

  • Mazel Tov! Except I think I voted for you twice in one of the catagories by mistake. I didn’t mean to cheat and will make up for it next year by voting multiple times for all your rivals.

  • for what it’s worth, i still like you Muffti, and in time, others may come to as well (try offering them baked goods!)

  • I like you too, Muffti. In fact, I am officially granting you thre…er, one vote for being a decent and cool dude.

  • Muffti thanks TM and Laya. He invites and encourages everyone to recount just how much they love the Muff.

  • Love the Muff, eh? Not very Kosher… But then again, I’ve heard something about “Muffti Gone Wild” from Mardi Gras…

    So, Jewlicious, now that you’ve won the Best New Blog award, what are you going to do?

    Muffti, don’t encourage recounts. Let’s leave that for jewschool.com.

  • Muff, You’re good enough, smart enough(in an irritating sort of way :)), and people like you, dammit.

  • Jason, now that we’ve won one piddly little category, we are going to thank our moms and dads, our publicists, and our hairstylists. More importantly, we plan to curtail most blogging activities and ramp up our research and development on software that can beat David’s voting system.

    Watch out for us in next year’s voting.

  • Muffti thanks all the Muff lovers/likers/haters! And, Muffti would never call for a recount. If anything, he’d prefer we abdicate the one title we won.

  • Jason wrote: So, Jewlicious, now that you’ve won the Best New Blog award, what are you going to do?

    We’re not ones to sit on our laurels. We’ve already announced the Jewlicious birthright israel trip which is a totally groundbreaking and innovative development. Usually stuff like that is done under the auspices of existing groups, like AIPAC, AEPI, Hillel etc. Well now a community driven, grass roots endeavour like Jewlicious is going to promote its agenda without the constraints that may hamper other organizations. Of course this will all be done under the purview of birthright israel and Israel Experts but we share their exacting standards so it’s no big deal.

    Now stay tuned as we make yet another ground breaking announcement. And no, this new one will have nothing to do with cats.

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