Muffti never trusts a ceasefire that his enemies have to negotiate amongst themselves just so they can negotiate with him. Despite a ceasefire, and despite the presence of some 2000 Palestinian Authority policemen, 8 mortar shells were fired at Gush Katif, 2 destroying a family’s kitchen. Fortunately no one was hurt.

The mortars were fired in retaliation for the death of a 10 year old girl, Nuran Dib, who was shot in the head outside an UNRWA school. Suspicion immediately fell on IDF troops in the Termit outpost. However, an IDF inquiry found that it was highly unlikely that poor Nuran was shot by any IDF member at all. Instead, they speculated that random fire from returning pilgrims who had been to Mecca was the cause. An offer for a joint IDF-PA joint inquiry was evaded by the latter.

All of this comes on the heels of a (estimated) 130,000 settlerperson rally against the withdrawal from Gaza and demand for a referendum on the issue. According to the Jerusalem Post, left-wingers others are intending to hold a counter-rally on February 19th in support of withdrawal. Meanwhile, talks between Mofaz and Dahlan continue, with the obvious claim that the PA aren’t totally successful in curbing militant action against Israelis.

What a mess. There are so many characters and events to keep track of! Muffti’s small brain is barely able to keep up. We have a multi-party ceasefire amongst the PA and recognized terrorist organizations. We majour protests both for and against the withdrawal plan. We have rabbis advising breaking rank and disobeying orders. But most of all, we have a dead young child and a broken ceasefire that bodes more of the unfortunate same. When is ck going to come back so Muffti can get back to being the lazy ranter you guys have come to know and love?!?

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  • This left-winger is in favor of a referendum. Assuming, of course, that we can actually get the silent majority out to vote. Not that this would happen. Because it is easier to sit in one’s house and complain about the crazy right-wingers than, like, actually get up and do something like vote.

    And I think the powers that be recognize this.