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  • Aw man. Are you implying we got ripped off by the National Post? Is that cause for indignation or flattery?

  • Muffti commands: don’t think he implied anything! Think that he merely was point out a correlation.

  • That CK may not be enrolled in any fancy third-person philosophy degree programs, but clearly he is at least S-M-R-T. (“Me fail English? But that’s unpossible!”) Yasher koach on your achievement in predicting cultural and political trends…

    And if you think third-person imperative is bad, I’m reading a novel now that’s set in second person. It reads like an imperative horoscope. Quite inventive, and quite distracting.

  • Esther, does the author of the novel you’re reading have torrid sex with their spouse while thinking of their children as satellites?

  • Umm…no. It has a guy who meets a woman on JDate. That’s not the same thing, I don’t think.

  • What is it with JDate? How did it become such an important part of the culture? A novel with JDate as part of the premise? Who’d a thunk it.

  • Even for the most militant believer in “Greater Israel,” Gaza is expendable

    Not true. ‘Gaza’ or historical ‘G’rar’ are part of the land of Israel and even ‘moderate’ folks against the expulsion believe this.

  • Ok, Esther, I’ve got to ask—–what is the second-person book you are reading? I might have to use excerpts as an example to my students of why we don’t use second-person point of view in formal papers. Thanks.