Jewlicious @ The Beach

We done gone and did it again.

First there was a birthright israel trip based on a blog, now there’s a conference. Ever been to a conference based on a blog? Neither have we, but we figured it would be fun. So, on the weekend of April 8-10, Jewlicious is not just a Jewish blog, it’s also a conference, and a conference blog. The conference will take place on April 8-10 in Long Beach, California. Jewlicious @ The Beach is really the brainchild of Rachel and Rabbi Yonah Bookstein, the Director and Chaplain, respectively, of Long Beach Hillel.

Jewlicious @ The Beach looks like it’s going to totally rock. Literally. Saturday night’s events will feature a pool party and a show by The Hip Hop Hoodios and the Makkabees. Of course, laya and I will be there as well. Muffti would have come too but he’ll be at some wanky academic conference. Find out more and register today!

Here’s the official conference announcement:

Tastes Good To Be Jewishâ„¢
April 8-10, 2005—Long Beach, CA

Join an international student and young professional gathering, featuring scholars, hipsters, gurus, radicals, designers, conservatives, liberals, musicians, activists and pranksters under one roof. We’re bringing together some of the most talented and creative young Jews in the country to have fun, collaborate, and innovate.

Enjoy jewlicious food, music and entertainment. Talk about love, the universe and everything. Learn the art of blogging, Jewish henna, t-shirt fashion, artful and spiritual journeying. Experience Hip-hop Jewish Latin rhythms, Jewish Henna Tattoos, Spiritual Journeying, Kiddush Wine Tasting, T-shirt fashion, PJ Party, Fondue and more.

Are you facebooking, blogging, or myspacing? Are you into pop-culture, Israel, or Judaism? Do you body-art, play music, or write? Please join us as we create a weekend of wonderful happenings.

Jewlicious is for trend-setters, jet-setters, and spirit-seekers; for Ashkenazim, Sephardim, and Mizrachim; for atheists, agnostics, and believers; for nerds, jocks, and hipsters. Bring your passion and your instruments, your laptops and your bathing suits, your open mind, and sleeping bag. Because Jewlicious@ The Beach is a gathering of the tribe, an innovative conference, an inspiring Shabbat experience, a happening event, unlike any other weekend conference in Jewish history.

Jewlicious @ The Beach will be net-cast in streaming audio and blogged in real time, allowing participation worldwide. The event-site will be WIFI enabled, so laptops will interact, comment, surf, and blog.

Lodging and meals are available on site and in nearby hotels.
Student rate $36 meals & lodging included.

Info Line: (866)-JEWLISH or (562)-985-7068
Visit:, Registration begins now!

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