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I found this really interesting site Muslim WakeUp! A progrssive Muslim blog that seeks to:

“celebrate cultural and spiritual diversity, tolerance, and understanding….
In all its activities, Muslim WakeUp! attempts to reflect a deep belief in justice and against all forms of oppression, bigotry, sexism, and racism.”

It’s really a great, witty religious blog that deals quite a bit with a woman’s role within religious Islam. They actually have a whole section of female sexuality and Islam called “Sex and the Umma“.

The lead article on the main page, however, was about Muslim women not being allowed to lead prayers due, in part to potential sexual arousal by men

What can I say? Like many of my Middle Eastern brothers, I have a lifetime subscription to Play Veil magazine. Miss January was absolutely gorgeous and even though I couldn’t see anything behind her veil, in some perverted way, she stirred my desires.

I can’t explain it. Only we Middle Eastern men are capable of looking at women who are covered under lumps of unforgiving black sheets and feel aroused. Heck, I sometimes look at drapes hanging from windows and get horny!

It made me chuckle. In any case, I couldn’t help but draw parellels between the issue of women in religious leadership roles which Muslim WakeUp! talks about often and the recent focus in the JPost about Orthodox Women Rabbis. Everything on Muslim WakeUp is written with a clear love of Allah, and a clear desire to not complain, but seek to move forward, well, it was refreshing in so many ways.

Unfortunately, the Hug-a-Jew article that brought me there seemed to be a broken link.

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  • Laya, I think you should write an article of your own called “Hug-a-Jew.” Seriously, any idea what that article would have been like if the link had not been broken?

    And as for drapes causing arousal, well, I’m sure it doesn’t take a Middle Eastern man. I understand that the er, equipment, is sensitive to all sorts of visual, auditory and of course, physical stimuli. Besides, “lumps of unforgiving black sheets”? Hasn’t this guy ever heard how slimming black is? Really, where’s Middle East Fashion Week when you really need it?

  • yeh i saw the hug a jew thing when it was their. Just picuters of muslims hugging jews and spreading the love and stuff..quite cute.

  • They put on a good face but that group is nothing to be proud of. I wouldn’t hug them if they paid me. A better group is the Free Muslims Against Terror for Freedom and Democracy at

    they are having a rally on May 14 in DC.


  • teri shows us exactly how a racist mind works. linking Muslims with terrorism. Ignorant and Islamophobic. Just realize everything you think you know has been taught to you by the media which twist and skew reality. Muslims were Christians before they were converted and with a religion that not only acknowledges Christianity and Judaism but stems from it, it sure is being cheated and destroyed by those who created it (Jews)