The Answer: Islamic Salvation Army.

The Muffti sometimes has wondered what terrorists eat when they are done for the day, and the (intact) boys are ravenously hungry. Phil Rees, author of Dining with Terrorists: Meetings with the World’s Most Wanted Militants provides a partial answer to that question. For some 18 years, Phil has gone around in an attempt to understand the complex psychology of the terrorist and evaluate their (less complex) culinary repetoire. Muffti isn’t sure how much progress Phil has made on the first front. Phil himself reports:

An important step has often been to dine with the “terrorists”. It is like an initiation ceremony; militants often eyed me up as I ate, peering to see if I accepted their food. If so, a bond was created and a basic level of humanity understood. I may not agree with their actions but I had entered their world enough at least to comprehend the motives for their brutality.

Muffti is glad to see that terrorists have internalized the lesson mothers teach their daughters: the way to a man’s heart is via his stomach. Anyhow, on the second front, Phil has sampled quite a fair bit of militant culinary delights, from Colombia to Indonesia. A summary of the book can be found at The Times Online but Muffti will reproduce the top 8 list of cuisine terroriste for your edification.

1 Islamic Salvation Army (with help from the GIA): Algeria
2 ETA & Batasana: Basque country
3 Jamaah Islamiyah: Indonesia
4 Tamil Tigers: Sri Lanka
5 FARC guerrillas: Colombia
6 Hezbollah (The Party of God): Lebanon
7 Kosovo Liberation Army: Serbia
8 Afghan Mujahidin

Hat tip, as always, to blogmaster Kenny.

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  • hehehe…TM makes Muffti laugh. The Muffti approves of Phil’s book, however. And knowing ck, he’ll go out on a mission to try the couscous mentioned in the article just to see if it’s better than mom’s.

  • What a heartwarming tale. All these “terrorists” are simply misunderstood. In the basic humanity we share, the need to break bread and dine, lies the solution to all our political dilemnas.


  • My mom always said that the way to a man’s heart is through his ribcage.

    She scared off alot of boyfriends.

  • Omg, Grace, that’s great!

    That is so amazingly great, I don’t even have anything else to say but that that is so great I love your mom!

  • While that guy is obviously just another full-of-bullshit Brit who thinks that terrorists are actually pretty cuddly and that it’s not unreasonable to go around slitting throats, I’m not going to deny that it’s quite possible the secret to world peace is, say, really good falafel.