If you’re anything like me, when it comes to commemorating the Holocaust, you probably think: “I want my MTV!!”

Well, now you will. MTV has announced the airing of I’m Still Here, a celeb-studded documentary commemorating Yom Hashoah.

I want my MTV

I’m Still Here, Real Diaries of Young People Who Lived During the Holocaust, presents the diaries of young people who experienced first-hand the terror of daily life during the Holocaust. Through an emotional montage of archival footage, personal photos, and text from the diaries themselves, the film tells the story of a group of young writers who refused to quietly disappear.
Academy Award nominated director Lauren Lazin has directed the hour-long documentary. The film is scored by Moby and the diaries are read by some of today’s most talented young actors including Elijah Wood, Ryan Gosling, Kate Hudson, Brittany Murphy and Joaquin Phoenix, among others. Original footage was shot in Vilnius, Lithuania in the remnants of the old Jewish ghetto. Actor, director, and writer Zach Braff will host the program when it airs on MTV.

(Side topic : Zach Braff is the most Jewlicious actor of his generation. Discuss.)

All kidding aside, having written a book about teens who survived the Holocaust and having worked at MTV, I think it’s great when a network known for its branding and marketing uses its informational power for good. True, most kids would just like to see the new J.Lo. video or download new ringtones for their cell phones, but with Zach as the lead voice and other young magazine-cover-gracing actors providing supporting dramatic roles, this film sounds like a good way to bend the ears of the tweens and teens who make MTV their life.

I’m Still Here airs May 4 at 8pm (EST). The film is part of MTV’s Fight For Your Rights anti-discrimination campaign. A study guide will be available on the Facing History website in July.

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  • Same 2 u TM, how about MTV deals with current anti-semitism, like the bias towards Israel, Jews in Europe, etc… Don’t get me wrong we must never forget, our murdered brethern, but we must also learn from the past…

  • I will definitely keep a look out for this.

    Zach Braff is awesome, Garden State was my favorite movie of this last year and it’s possible this man has some of the best taste in music evar. This weeks scrubs was hilarious too…
    “Was he smoking a gavel?”
    “Seemed to be”

  • Zach Braff is more than Jewlicious… he is above and beyond it. There’s a category all its own for Zach Braff.

    Even though I grew up around Holocaust studies all my life, I feel like sometimes I need to be constantly reminded of my place. I am from a people who were practically erradicated about 60 years ago, and I know I must not forget that.

  • You go, Zack!!! As far as I’m concerned, ZB’s been the man ever since scrubs started, but Garden State was a whole new madrega. What a flick. If anyone hasn’t seen it, you must. And now, he’s going to be MTV’s ambassador to holocaust education. Word. Maybe this program will spark people’s interest in anti-semitism worldwide. You never know.

  • I missed “I’m still here: Real diaries of young people who lived during the holocaust”. When will it air again? Or how can I get a VHS of the program?

  • Hey, just wanted to say that I love this site name, and that Zach Braff is… I guess amazing works. Basically, if my husband was like Zach Braff, I wouldn’t wish for anything else.

    As far as this MTV commemoration, I agree with you that at least they’re using their power for good. On the other hand though, I hope they approach it very seriously, because I know at times we are densensitized about the Holocaust, since we hear about it all the time. I missed the first airing, but I’ll try to find a rerun.

    Again, cool site.

  • Sorry, Mari. I checked the MTV site, and there don’t seem to be any future airings posted. See the sources above for more info…

  • If anyone knows the next time I’m still here gets aired or a way to get a vhs or a download from mtv feel free to email me news abuot it.

  • Hey I work in a Jewish Yeshiva and I have heard so much about this movie and would love to show it to the kids here. If antone knows when the next time it will be showing, or if there’s anyway I can purchase tis, please let me know. My E-mail is [email protected]. Thank you.