Yo backyardThrough the haze of severe jet lag and culture shock that I am viewing Southern California, it like the rest of the America I left has this strange duality of foreign and familiar. While I feel this is not my home, I can yet instantly understand the larger picture of it and culturally navigate my way through it with more ease than I may ever be able to in Israel.

Still, America is a massive country, and it is substantially Different out here. All these shiny happy people (and their shiny happy cars), and I can’t shake the feeling that everyone is trying to overcompensate for something. More for me to ponder.

Still, you can’t beat this weather, and the green, and the fact that I’m writing this near the orange tree in the early morning light from the (super-fantastic) Bookstein’s beautiful backyard cause they’ve got WiFi through their house. It rocks.

Stay tuned, more SoCal/Confrence Jewliciousness to come.

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  • I am wondering why most Americans don’t move to California.
    What keeps them in New Jersey for example. It is for the most
    part an ugly place, devoid of character, of good weather.

    Every spare inch of land that they have someone wants to build yet another strip mall w/ Dunkin Donuts, Subway, a Convenience store. At one time, it was a reasobably nice area. Is it the immigrants that mass there?

    There is no appreciation for an open space. Even the Meadowlands, all jokes aside, at least is an open untouched space, they are planning to build a new mega mall called

  • Hey…is that Laya typing on the grass…the same grass/backyard that she posted about? We should totally get more pixs of the Jewlicious folks on this here site. More photos…more hits. No doubt.

  • Yes. That is laya surfing the Internet on Rabbi Bookstein’s backyard. I’ll gladly post more pics but I doubt my ugly mug will generate more traffic.

  • C’mon CK,

    You all caked in dead sea mud…sportin’ that little pot belly that all
    of us Jewish men seem to grow, say after, 25. The ladies will be flocking to this site. Besides, you think people wanna see more of Mob’s kisser looking all Vice Hip Hop. I doubt it.

  • shtreimel, if you’re intent on talking shit about me all over the web, why don’t you just buy ihatemobius.com and start a blog already?

  • Mob,

    Do I stick my hat on sideways, call Jews Amalek, and treat Rachel Corrie like a saint? No. When I do, you can have your go at me. Until then, chill out dude…it’s a friggin blog.

  • “talking shit about me all over the web”

    The web’s a big place Dan…Jewschool and Jewlicious are a very, very…VERY small part of it. You’ve got a huge ego my friend.

  • Shtreimel, we’re working on making ourselves bigger. Have you googled Jewish vibrators recently?

    Edit: actually, on Google we’re also #1 in Jewish anal sex and #5 on Jewish oral sex.

  • We’ve seen pics of CK, we’ve seen pics of laya and GrandMuffti.

    But there remain one dude shrouded in a cloud of middle of the road secular politics ….

  • TM, you left out that you’re number one for Jewish Boobs, too (I think I have a right to be proud of that one cause it’s my comment on a post that made you number one!).

    And Aish Freak–there are people who prefer a strong change in seasons. And the appeal of NJ is that people can have the convenience of nyc and live about an hour (or less) away in a big, nice house with a big, nice lawn with other nice families on the same street. And building strip malls is really cliche, too. People just take open spaces and build bigger, nicer houses. And that ups the value of the other houses in the area.
    Uh-oh, I’m defending the suburbs. I stop.

  • Dina, you must be kidding. It is not a change of season it is simply bad weather most of the time. The rain, the wind, the drearyness. Then you get a nice day and you feel better.

    What is a cliche. Look around you.

  • Aish…I don’t live in Jersey, but I do live in NY ‘burbs on the border with Jersey. NJ has the highest and lowest income per capita. And I don’t know what you’re talking about with regard to weather ’cause it’s stunningly gorgeous outside today and was all week. And all month. And all year. ‘Cept for the few bad rain days (like last shabbos). But I’m doing it again and now I feel like a 35 year old mom.

  • You really have got to check out Sydney or Melbourne, Australia. Forget the States (*all of them). Take it from an New Yorker that finagled an Aussie passport. Alas, I now live in Central Europe with grand desires to move back.

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