You don't fool me.
Oh don’t look so innocent. We know what you’re up to.

First we had the spectacle of fugitive Chess Champ Bobby Fischer stating that Jews are a “filthy, lying bastard people,” despite being a Jew himself. I assumed he said that because he was, you know … nuts. But a recent Russian petition clearly demonstrates that his anti-Semitism is caused by high level chess. 5,000 members of an Orthodox religious group in Russia signed a petition which was sent to the State Prosecutor’s Office. The petitioners called for a ban on Jewish groups and argued that Jewish literature, such as the Shulchan Aruch (a Jewish law book written by Rabbi Yosef Karo) encourages religious hatred.

We all know that everyone in Russia plays the insiduous game of chess and it came as no surprise that amongst the prominent Russian signatories of the petition was none other than former Chess World Champion Boris Spassky. In other news, IBM’s chess playing super computer “Deep Blue” RS/6000-based parallel computer, has just announced that the Holocaust is a fraud, perpetrated by a small cabal of Jewish elders intent on world domination (repeat that with a robot voice – yup! That’s exactly what it sounded like). We are eagerly awaiting a suitable response from Abe Foxman.

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