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Uh.. so is this a new trend or what? A Palestinian singles site advertising on CampusJ, a Jewish collegiate blog? What’s that all about? Is this some kind of new trend?

Maybe it’s the lure of the forbidden? What could be more astonishing than a Jew and a Palestinian getting it on? I mean… it’s so wrong. So wrong… and yet … so, so right …

Or maybe it’s just Google Ad Words being wonky. I thought it was kind of funny and thought provoking. Well, mostly funny in a stupid way, but just a little thought provoking. Plus now I kind of have a valid reason to link to CampusJ.

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Founder and Publisher of Jewlicious, David Abitbol lives in Jerusalem with his wife, newborn daughter and toddler son. Blogging as "ck" he's been blocked on twitter by the right and the left, so he's doing something right.


  • i recently had a half Palestinian, half italian bank manager hitting on me so shamelessly i felt dirty when I left. He kept looking at me like he just wanted to f*ck the Zionist entity somehow incarnate in me. Then he called the number I provided in order to open the account, and not about bank matters.
    totally creepy.
    So Raed, if you’re reading this, maybe you should switch over to reading Campus J, you might be able to find some lovin’ over there.

  • That reminds me of my freshman year… I was the campus zionist firebrand dude. You know that guy, fresh from a year in Israel, all up on Myths and Facts in the Middle East, reading Time Immemorial etc. Part of my shtick involved going to all the pro Palestinian events, to the point where I was on a first name basis with all their leaders. The President that year was an otherwise fetching lass called Layla. We’d always say hi when we passed each other in the hall and every once in a while we’d have a friendly cup of coffee together and engage in light debate.

    But there was definitely a dangerous tension between us though …


  • I know this nice Jewish girl who right after the intifada started was at a dance club in Jerusalem, met some dude, got very drunk, started fooling around, and he ended up taking her back to his place, in Bethlehem.

    He shook her awake in the early morning nervously whispering “I have to get you outta here, If my parents find out, they’ll kill you” she nodds and starts to drift back to sleep “no, REALLY,” he says “they’ll KILL you”

  • Ha ha. Similar story. Jewish girl from Texas, very little Jewish background, meets a guy and goes home with him. Wakes up in the morning to a household full of olive skinned people, graciously serving her tea and cookies and speaking in a guttural language that sounded both familiar and incomprehensible.

    She takes in the exotic atmosphere and asks her new paramour “So, are all y’all Sephardic?”

    Mansour then looks at her in complete disbelief.

  • The president of our Palestinian Club was really hot at the beginning of the year (I thought she was a hot Israeli at first, but then when her response to my, “Oooh, a necklace of Israel!” was, “It’s Palestine.” I knew I was wrong) but then as I had to deal with her she became uglier and less attractive. I think she’s gross now. But that doesn’t mean that the guys who just see her don’t think she’s mad hot! Yes, a delegation of guys went straight to the Palestinian Club room following a HIPAC meeting to check her out because we mentioned that Pal. Club and that she’s hot.

  • Muffti may be a little confused, but what in principle (aside from the tired ‘don’t date non-jews’ line – clearly that doesn’t single out Palestinians uniquely) is so wrong about jews dating Palestinians? Some of the stories above are kinda cute; but they seem to be more practical rather than moral reasons to not date members of the opposing religion…

    Or is Muffti being too literal again?

  • Do we all still remember that poor Israeli boy who was lured by an arab ‘whore’ in Israel a couple of years ago and when he went to meet her terrorists were there waiting and murdered him?

  • I think Google somehow associated Judaism with Israel and Israel with Palestine.

    A couple of years back I got my Sprint phone bill marking my calls to Israel with ‘Palestine” instead. The Googlebot isn’t very smart after all.

  • this is so funny… you know, if we loosen up alittle bit .. what is wrong with some hot palestinians and Jews mixing…. maybe we will solve the conflict guys… after all, Who else would understand jews better than palestinians… Beleive it or not we match.. I am palestinian and I beleive I will end up going out with a jew.. and its gonna be fun.

  • Why should only hot Palestinians and Jews get together? What about all the rest? Don’t they deserve to have fun?

    Man, I hate discrimination.

  • I am a Palestinian guy and I have dated a young jewish woman. Some jews are nice people and need some love too.

  • I am a Palestinian Christian from Ramallah. When I was in Tel aviv before the intefada. I can’t tell who are Arab or Jews. Palestinian and Israelis look alike. Many of them thought I am Jew because my religion is Orthodox Christian, but they thought I am Orthodox Jew.

    I remember one Israeli guy was checking me out because he think I am European. I guess because I have curly blond hair with bluish gray eyes. lol I told him I don’t date Jew or Muslim guys.

  • That small strip of land has produced some of the most beautiful people in the world. Who the fuck cares if they’re jewish, christian, or muslim (their ancestors are all the same anyway, from canaan!) It’s all Levantine and semitic lovin’….YUMMY!

  • Im palestinian and well, a very proud one. and although i have had a couple skirmishes with the IDF, i gotta say, i think the best way to end this fight is 1 of 2 ways, either make a one state and call it Canaan or have a mass orgy and assimilate the two populations. watchu guys think? lol

    • Mass orgy sounds like a good idea
      but then we would have to all give up our religions
      and just become known as levantines

  • feed from another palestinian: why no israeli’s are commenting on this?? are we the only ones trying to approach and loving??

    I really don’t know when are people in this region are going to get their minds back, hating will lead us nowhere.

  • I just wanted to click the “email me when someone comments” checkbox, lol

  • aww! thanks for breaking the ice on here ๐Ÿ˜› any news on the issue?

  • well, I can go by the name Yonah if any israeli’s wanted to call me so, and globally many like to call me Jonas or Jonah, they’re all the same as my arabic name: Younes!

    globalization is cool ๐Ÿ˜€

  • I’m a Palestinian guy and I don’t find Jewish girls a bit attractive in fact,I see them pale sick-looking Tomboys,sorry I’ll pass.
    I’ll just stick with my beautiful Catholic American blonde girls,thanks!

  • I love arabic girls. I find them very attractive.
    A lot more attractive then Jewish girls
    being a sephardic jew people usually think i am arab
    and one time i was with this lebanese girl she thought i was jordanian. I went with it and after having sex with her several times and seeing her for a month i decided to tell her that i was jewish lol. Never heard from her again.

  • I have to completely agree with that. Iรขโ‚ฌโ„ขve had some friends that have used matchmaking services ..