good yontif, pontifWe called it months ago!
Upon the sad passing of Pope John Paul II, Catholics around the world are mourning the loss of their religious leader. Condolences are pouring in from everywhere for the well travelled and much liked man. Here at Jewlicious however, we are contemplating who the next pope will be.

Why? Because one of the front runners is Cardinal Jean-Marie Lustiger, a Jew. The Washington Times has a story on his possible ascendancy to the throne of St. Peter although we made reference to that last October.

Lustiger, both whose parents died in Auschwitz, has always insisted that, though he had converted to Christianity at age 14, he was and remained a Jew: “I was born a Jew and so I am. For me, the vocation of Israel is to bring light to the goyim. That’s my hope, and I believe Christianity is the means for achieving it.”

On a more apocalyptic note, the Washington Times reports that the final Pope will be of Jewish descent and will be called Peter II. So if Lustiger does get the nod, better hope he doesn’t annoint himself Peter II, unless you think the apocalypse will be uh… fun. For my part it’s always been a dream of mine to spend a high holiday in Vatican City and then run into the Pope on the street whereupon I would greet him with a hearty “Gut Yontiff, Pontiff!”

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  • Hey what happenned to TM’s funny comment? I would have licensed them the christ killer logo! But not for cash. Only thing I want from the Catholics is the return of our pillaged relics.

  • haven’t you heard? our relics have been sitting in some huge anonymous government warehouse in Oklahoma — no longer in the Vatican.

  • This is ‘one’ kabbalastic version:

    My rudimentary translation:
    ‘The death of the pope signals the destruction of one of the strongest klipos that has withered and finally changed to a carcass.
    From here the path to the redemption is much shorter since after this klipa has fallen it is easier to bring down the rest of the klipos.’

    Last Tuesday,
    Hamaran Harav Ovadia Yosef declared (among other things) that all the talk about the ‘seperation’ are temporary chatter. Soon and
    immediately the moshiach will come. The moshiach is out our gate and at any moment will knock and say “I’m here!!!”

    The site below already claimed that between erev purim and the end of Iyar, a window for a major event will occur by one analysis of the Daniel prophecy and their calculation that the gog-magog war started either when the WTC was hit or when the US invaded Afghanistan over a month later.

    Read at your own discretion.

    CK, get the popcorn, the end of times is going to be a blast.

  • What’s the big deal that the next pope might be Jewish? After all, the guy the pope prays to is Jewish!!! Isn’t that a bigger deal??!!

  • I will never ever believe in the end of days. No matter who says it.
    G-d is infinitely merciful and will never permit anything like the wars of Gog and Magog or anything else. Even if the earth suffers heavily from environmental problems, we shall, with G-d’s help, learn enough technology to settle on another planet.

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  • While I was at a Chabad student convention this weekend, we decided that it was imperative, if Lustiger gets elected pope, that we go set out a table outside the Vatican, wait for him to come out, and ask him if he’s put on tefillin today.

    Also, the best quote on the whole “Pope issue” came from a text message someone got motzaei Shabbat: “the pope lives on through his teachings and his chasidim. yechi.”

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  • The super-mediatised pontiff

    I’m pretty convinced that the internet will have no major role in influencing the decision over the choice of the next Pope, even if John Paul II was the first “super mediatised” pontiff. Nevertheless, I can’t help but bring you a link to

  • Well there is an opening for pope….. I want to apply… where do i sign up.. me and my college buddies have decided to end world coruption and would war is to put a person in power who does beleive in either.. so that no more wars will be taken in the name of he lord.

    Thank you for your honour
    The ANIMAL!!!

  • How about Jean-Baptist Gourion a converted Jew and born from Jewish parents in Algiers. He is big friends with Lustiger and is Auxiliry Bishop of Gerusalemme specially chosen by Pope John Paul 2 to bring together the 3 main religious groups in the Holy land. And to top it all he is also a Benedictene. His age is right 70

  • while technically any male could be elected Pope, it is unlikely that anyone who is not a Cardinal would be elected. Bishop Gourion of Jerusalem is not in good health and is not a Cardinal. The next Pope is ‘the glory of the Olive Pope ‘ according to the prophecies of St Malachy. Peter the roman is the last Pope. there are many prophecies of a French Pope to come in a time of apostasy and tribulation before the dawn of an era of peace. some think that the prophecies of a jewish Pope also refer to this French Pope.