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So imagine you’re at the airport in Kansas, on your way to catch a flight to New York, when all of a sudden some total idiot shows up wearing a giant swastika on his t-shirt, all la-dee-da “I’m just here to drop off a colleague and this is just some shirt I’m wearing, what’s it to you?” What do you do?

Well, if you’re Rabbi David S. Fine 36, Rabbi of Orthodox Congregation Beth Israel Abraham & Voliner in Overland Park, Kansas City, you tell the idiot, Steven T. Boswell, 30, that he should be ashamed for wearing swastikas in public. And then when the fucker gives you some lip and tells you that you are inhuman, you throw your coffee in his face and proceed to pummel the twit.

Both Rabbi Fine and Mr. Stupid Head Boswell were eventually separated and charged with disorderly conduct. Both are scheduled to appear in court on June 22.

What’s interesting is that Rabbi Fine received his rabbinic ordination from Yeshivat Hamivtar in Efrat. You know … where some of those those awful settler dudes come from? And while his fervent response to provocation is OK and even celebrated by Jewschool when it occurs at an airport in the midwest, similar fervent responses to provocation in the Midwest Bank… not so celebrated.

Whatever. Good job Rabbi!

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Founder and Publisher of Jewlicious, David Abitbol lives in Jerusalem with his wife, newborn daughter and toddler son. Blogging as "ck" he's been blocked on twitter by the right and the left, so he's doing something right.


  • I totally know this guy. From summer camp. And believe it or not, he willingly traded his title of “Most Likely to Pummel a Neo-Nazi” to me one night in exchange for a bowl of lentils. (It’s one of the oldest stories in the book.)

  • If you found this on your own…Y’ashear Koach. If not, how about how a hat tip…hell, this might’ve been my 15 min.

  • Shtrudel: I got the original story from Jewschool, then did a little digging. Are you saying you pointed this out first? If so I’ll gladly give ya props ….

  • Yeah, I sent it in this AM via your contact page. I also sent it in to TM. Regardless, I’m a fan of your site, I’ll keep on sending ’em over whenever I get that Jewlicious tingle in my, uh…

  • I didn’t receive any emails. Ck, I don’t think my jewlicious email addy is working. I should have guessed it when the groupie emails with the naked photos stopped arriving.

  • Esther, if you like, we might be able to persuade Shtreimel and Ben David to send you some photos.

  • Ummn…Muffti hates to be out of the pissing contest, but the question you ask at the end of the post is, well, ridiculous. And you know it.

  • I didn’t ask a question pissy-boy. Do you see a question mark? Just made an observation. Read into it what you will 😉

    Oh and have fun in Texas! Remember – don’t break yo momma’s heart!

  • Well, smack my ass and call me Sally if that isn’t precisely the kind of appreciation I was looking for…thanks Dina and TM–your fandom has been written in the Royal Book of Records.


  • CK, I can’t believe you’d ask a lady that in this public space. Even if I did bring up the subject of my ass. But since you did, let me answer you, as is my woman’s right, enigmatically and somewhat frustratingly.

    Mebbe. 😉

    And PS, Shiksa, don’t wait up for CK: First of all, with all the Photoshop fun he’s having, he has no need for real people. If you read today’s comments, you’ll notice all the people who want to hear from him. (And congrats on the recent wedding…)

  • YOu have mistated what occurred. The rabbi did tell the man he should be ashamed. Some words flew then about ten minutes later the neo nazi, who was dropping off the speaker from the neo nazi convention held in Kansas City at the airport, came back to Rabbi Fine and was in his face and the Rabbi defended himself. He simply did not throw punches at the guy but defended himself as we all should. He is a remarkable person who has made my family very proud ot be Jewish.

  • I hope the cops aren’t going to pull a Jonathan Pollard here.
    Please keep us posted if he gets into any trouble. You don’t want to be charged w/ assault. A typical fight doesn’t have any real witnesses who would clearly state who assaulted who first physically.
    We had someone at Aish run into the same problem at Newark airport and he had a sheetload of troubles. Also Irv Rubin in L.A. is deep in jail now.

    Unfortunately, we advocate keeping a cool head when something like this happens, because the anti semitic US Government loves to stick it to us when they can, so it is important not to throw the first punch.

  • any judge worth his salt won’t convict a rabbi. and if he does, the rabbi can bring a 1st Amendment defense of “fighting words.” The classic examples of fighting words the Supreme Court uses – to justify a person’s violent reaction to an otherwise constitutionally protected expression – that’s right, swastikas. (and the n-word).

    any other lawyers or lawyers to be on this site? there must be, it’s a jewish site. help me out here!

  • The question is, does a American citizen have the right to wear whatever he wants as a t shirt? Could a lefty wear a t shirt saying, ‘I support Osama’.
    Here it is different bec. there is no Nazi party in power somewhere that is oppressing people today.
    I am just saying be very careful if you are in the same situation bec. you are still assaulting someone. If I am not mistake, this symbol happens to exist in one of the Eastern religions by coincidence.

  • I am a member of Rabbi Fine’s congregation, in Kansas. Rabbi Fine will always stand up for what he thinks is correct, sometimes it can be annoying, but it is the way he is and you have to love him for it. What the Rabbi did was make a statement (protected by free speech), the skin then attacked the Rabbi because he is an uncivilized idiot. Yasher Koach to Rabbi Fine, although he probably should have kept his mouth shut, his love for Judaism and for the future of Judaism makes me proud to know him.

  • Rabbi Fine is an excellent Rabbi. He has taught many classes in the community I’ve attended. When I heard a Rabbi in our community had thrown a punch at a Neo-Nazi I couldn’t imagine who but when I heard it was Rabbi Fine I was amazed. He is so not a macho man. I am so glad he took on this creep. Anyone who knows Rabbi will know he was more than provoked. Have a good Pesach. Next year in Jerusalem.

  • Can you imagine if the so-called Nazi was offended by the Rabbi’s clothes and socked the Rabbi? The ADL would be whining about “jewish hate crime”! There’s no difference. I’m jewish, the Rabbi is WRONG!!

  • You mean, Moshe, that when a Rabbi wears his outfit, he represents to the Nazi idiot the genocide of millions of people?

  • I feel the jews are at fault here. I myself am not a nazi. but shouldn’t we teach peace, or at least tolerance in this contry? You people Have a way blowing things out of proportion, if the Hitler movement did succeed and killed 6 million of you, there wouldn’t be any of you full bloods left.
    I respect your right to live in the fine country, you should respect the nazis right to be here as well.

  • I take it all back. I should stand up and have pride. I am a neo.


  • “You mean, Moshe, that when a Rabbi wears his outfit, he represents to the Nazi idiot the genocide of millions of people?”

    Yeah, actually it can and sometimes does. Maybe aguably so to a “nazi” specifically, but to many whites. (not to mention a few other races) Any Christian and especially European decended ones who’s ever read the Talmud would probably not look upon a decked out Rabbi with much respect. Moreso with contempt and hate as a matter of fact. (I do understand that the Talmud is not viewed as a “religious” document by many. But people make that connection.) Hell, even reading some of the stuff posted on this site could give many a bad opinion of Jews.
    The thing with much of the “jewbashing” going on today is honestly not that others feel “supreme” to you. And it’s not that they wish to see you wiped from the earth simply because you are different from us. It’s mainly because of the general attitude Jews seem to have concerning whites and other races. “Gentiles” are blatantly bashed in many ancient Jewish works and the attitude persists to this day. I see it and read it all the time. But at the same time, these Jews who seem to look on us with contempt scream about equality and anti-defamation. They tell us that multi-culturalism is the way and blast anyone who has a sense of pride in his or her race. We’re automatically Nazis. Yet, at the same time, most of the Jews who express these things not only have a great sense of pride in being “Jewish” but also support the apartheid-like state of Israel. And I don’t think there’s a need for me to get into some of the laws governing marriages in Israel. Especially when involving the priest-class.
    If most Jews truly practiced what they preached I think the attitude would be a little different toward them. But so far this doesn’t seem to be happening.
    And just to be clear, this pertains to many Jews but of course not all Jews. If all Jews felt this way there wouldn’t be groups like Don Feder’s who speak out against Jewish defamation of Christians and so forth. And there wouldn’t be folks like Barry Chamish and Henry Makow who are Jews who speak out against Zionism. But they are few and far between.

    So yes, the sight of a Rabbi could understandibly cause some ill feelings in some. And moreso every day. More folks are opening their eyes these days to the things I have mentioned above. And many Christians are finally beginning to see that Judeaism is not their friend. Folks who just five or six years ago would have jack-slapped you for putting down a Jew in their presence. Myself included. So the attitude really needs to change. You’re running out of friends.

    Oh, and the first dweeb whoever spits out a “Goy” or “shiksa” in my physical presence will be picking his teeth up off the floor about a half second later.


  • ROFL….maybe in a Jewish fairy tale.

    You’d be pretty hard pressed to find a nice looking white girl who was into the pickle-nosed midget stature thing. On the other hand though I’ve had two jewish girls myself in the past. Sexual beasts too! One of them said she was open to dating both jew and white guys but the other was not into jewish guys at all. Ann Goldstien was her name. I’d give you her number but you wouldn’t have much luck with her ;-P.

    Take care

  • Ah yes James, your wit must be a magnet for the babes. From your erudite proclamations we’ve all become convinced that you cannot possibly be an unemployed basement dweller who can’t get laid.

  • Henry Makow says he is Jewish and had relatives in the Holocaust and writes some very odd articles. Is he really Jewish and pro-Israel?