Rami Watid is JewliciousHe’s 12 years old, he lives in Israel, and he, along with his team mate Gai Gutherz, has just won an Israeli contest on general Zionist knowledge. Oh, one other thing. Little Rami Watid, who lives in Jaffa, is an Arab. Thus much like Catholic Madonna, who regularly attends synagogue services and travels to Israel, or the Korean-American woman who has a thing for dating Jewish men, Rami is demonstrating the emergence of a disturbing trend.

The Jews are supposed to be “a light unto the nations” and yet it seems like the nations are being a light unto the Jews. Madonna goes to shul more often than you do, Britney Spears has a greater reverence for Judaism than you do, many non-Jews are more turned on by Jews than you are, and a 12 year old Arab kid is more of a Zionist than you are. Man, you totally suck.

Can someone get me Rami Watid‘s address in Jaffa? All he got for winning was a crappy plaque and I think we ought to send him like an XBox or an iPod. Or at least a Jewlicious t-shirt.

Hat Tip Dept.: Moby got this story before I did. Bastid.

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Founder and Publisher of Jewlicious, David Abitbol lives in Jerusalem with his wife, newborn daughter and toddler son. Blogging as "ck" he's been blocked on twitter by the right and the left, so he's doing something right.


  • By “you” I meant the collective you. Madonna definitely goes to shul more often than the average Jew. It’s not all about you strudel, stop being so literal!

  • Why does having more general knowledge about zionism make you a better zionist? Muffti knows more about nazism and its history than most neo-nazis (judging by the quality of the Nazis we came across online!) but he’s pretty sure it doesn’t make him a better (neo) Nazi…

  • Yeah yeah ck I get it. I forgot to add in the required sarcasm to make my post more, uh, Jewlicious.

  • I agree with mufti, where’s the rationale?

    Some of the real Nazis could hold their own in a gmara discussion from researching the Jews.

  • Oy, now Muffti is agreeing with Josh.

    What a week! Muffti must be getting old. Thanks for the birthday wishes ck.

  • Why are we focusing on the negative? The Israeli system shows its fairness and the ability of an Arab student to succeed no less than a Jewish student. Kudos to Rami and to the Israeli educational system, which seems to suck in general these days, but at least is sucking equally regardless of the student’s background.

  • “Some of the real Nazis could hold their own in a gmara discussion from researching the Jews”

    Ha, I noticed that as well. And dare I say…some of those sites (and quotes) sparked some interesting dialogue with a local rabbi. Thanks Stormfront 😉

  • Ok, this kid is impressive. We should give him that and encourage him. Are we really going to get him something? Do we have an address, or can we arrange to have something sent to him? By the way, his Jewish partner shouldn’t be left out if we do something nice.

  • Oh no! It seems I am part of this emerging trend! Well this shiksa is liking the jewish boys, and ck, you’re next, baby!

  • Well, Patty if that dosen’t work out, I’ll move in to Jon’s tent! That way we can still be sisters!

  • Well, Tiffy, you know it does get pretty cold in Oslo so he might be grateful for someone to heat things up a little 😉

  • I’d be very into that. That whole Kent thing was just something to take my mind off your unobtainable and hot bro.

  • A little late, but good comment by the muff (takes on a whole new meaning when i put it that way).

    But it is kind of guilt-inducing to think that Madonna and Brit-Brit are more observant than me. 😛

  • Madonna at this point is not a model to hold up. First of all, she should not be going to Shule at all. If she were to convert to Orthodoxy, that would be a different story. What she is going is out of boredom, causing a stir for herself. She is a celebrity who wants to continue to be talked about.

    That said, it is nice that she is on out side of the fence.

  • I think it is more like – “Jewish men have a thing for korean-American women.”

    Iggy lives and breathes in the hearts of all men.

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