I gave communion to Jew? I need to get my eyes fixed!!

Pope John Paul II gets possible fast track to Canonization as a result

A few years back, an unnamed wealthy American Jew was dying from an incurable cancerous brain tumor. He finagled a meeting where the Pope gave the visibly sick man Communion at a private Mass. The problem is that Communion is only supposed to be given to Catholics. Our erstwhile Jew however, neglected to let the Pope know of his Mosaic persuasion: “the pope did not realize that the man was Jewish until it became obvious that he did not know how to receive the sacrament — and afterward, John Paul gently admonished him.”

Despite the admonishment however the Yid was cured within hours of receiving his Papal Communion and now as a result of this and other alleged miracles, there are growing calls to canonize the Pope and have him declared a Saint, before the usual 5 year cooling off period after his death. Great. Yet another Catholic Saint. But this time, given the circumstances, can Saint John Paul II be the patron Saint of like, weasely rich Jews or something? That would be pretty cool I think.

Source: New York Post

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