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Of course I always recognized that a Jewish student/young adult conference based on a blog was kind of unusual. It had certainly never been done before, that’s for sure. But still, I mean, what do we do that merits flying us down all the way to California? We take news stories and add our own snarky commentary, or sometimes we write pretentious opinion pieces for which we are totally unqualified, or we write shallow self-important posts, as if our “feelings” about stuff mean anything to anybody.

So why are we here? Well now I know. Rabbi Yonah was going to have a conference anyway. But by including us in it, he now has someone to play with his kids while he’s off doing important conference things. Rather than get offended by the Rabbi’s trickery, we’ve decided to embrace it. Starting next week, we’ll be known as Jewlicious: The Blog and Daycare Service.

On my shoulders for those of you who care, is Tzofiya (?????), Rabbi Yonah and Rachel’s daughter. Fun times for everyone!

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Founder and Publisher of Jewlicious, David Abitbol lives in Jerusalem with his wife, newborn daughter and toddler son. Blogging as "ck" he's been blocked on twitter by the right and the left, so he's doing something right.


  • Upon first glance, I thought your hoodie said “Hamas” And then I thought: “Man, I can’t even imagine the punch-line on the back of the hoodie”.

  • oh…wow…I’m really jealous. Like, really, really jealous. Damn. I want to have a baby. And if I can’t right now…well, I want to babysit Rabbi Yonah’s kids.

  • hey…is that a long lost neice? really cute…does mom know? seriously, kids look good on you…

  • T_M: We actually DO have a beach in Montreal. Soft sand and everything. But its like an artificial beach. Don’t ask …

    Mike: Invite us and we’ll think of coming…

    ariela: Don’t be fooled. I’m not thinking “Aw, aren’t kids grand?” Rather I was thinking “Uh… doesn’t this rapscallion have a bed time?”

    Dina: I am sure Rabbi Yonah appreciates the offer – caring for 3 children while running a Hillel and everything else he and his wife Rachel do is a tough, tough thing. Having said that, I think the NJ/California commute might be a bit rough.

    My Sisters: We all know who has the cutest kids. Shabat Shalom!

  • “we take news stories and add our own snarky commentary…..”

    YOur commentaries and opinions are more factually based and mor egrounded in reality then most major newspaper journalists, we love it.. keep up the good work, Yesher Koach

  • Harry? Is that you? Cuz if it is, you’re so barking up the wrong tree. Now if that’s your lovely wife Zeva posting, maybe we can work something out ….

    Relax Harry. I am totally kidding.

  • ck, I was reading the “The Failure of Israel To Adapt” thread and I just wanted to say, in case you are no longer following that thread, that you are such a total traditional Sephardi and T_M is such a total modern reformer that I couldn’t help laughing. “I may not go to synagogue regularly, but, by G-d, when I do, it had better be a real synagogue!” I can totally dig it, though.

    Needless to say, I agree with your position. My wife is a convert, and we went Orthodox for the very reasons you mention. There was absolutely no way that I was going to have anybody questioning my family’s Yiddishkeit (or Yahadut if you prefer). The only people to have done so are secular “cultural Jews” for whom the idea of conversion is incomprehensible anyway. No one in the Orthodox community has ever questioned the validity of the conversion.

    Now, if we can just get you to lay tefillin on a regular basis…..

    BTW, the plural of shaygets is not shaygetzes, it is shkotzim.

    But, you’re a Sephardi, so the fact that you don’t speak mama loshen is no surpise. (I don’t either, but I know a few words.)

    Just out of curiosity, are Moroccans really Sephardi or are they actually Mizrachi? Does your family speak any Ladino?

  • I could fix them but I’m trying to figure out whether I’ve been insulted or not.

    Uh oh, here comes that emoticon again…


  • You seem like a modern reformer (as distinct from Reform, since I don’t now where, or if, you go to shul).

    I guess it’s up to you whether you consider that an insult or not.

  • aww you look so cute ck… and now i get to be mad tho even tho i can barely keep this angry face: >_< you forgot to call me!!!!

  • Be advised about Mike’s invite to go to Delaware CK. I know the UD Chabad Rabbi and his wife quite well–there are kids and lots of ’em. You *will* be babysitting. On the other hand, they are cute kids, (very rambunctious, but cute). And Ronnie’s cooking is phenomenal. 🙂

  • Nice picture of my daughter with uncle Dave, who was the reason her bedtime was so late. Between hoisting the kids on his shoulders, making them listen to quasi-christian country music, and drawing picures of their favorite stufed animals I thought he was having a good time. Don’t worry folks, if you come to visit us in Long Beach we won’t make you do the same!

  • I know what Tzofiya is doing… she’s pulling your hair down the road! Moshe does it to my roommate Matt all the time when we go to the Rabbi’s house. It makes me slightly thankful I don’t have a jewfro’s worth of curly hair.

    Oh, and for those who want even more blackmail on our good buddy CK… I have another adorable picture of a kid on his shoulders, except this time it’s Rabbi Yonah and Rachel’s eldest son, Moshe, who’s six. Contact me if you want it!

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