This story would be funny if it weren’t so sad.

David Ahenakew, high profiled native Canadian, said some things he shouldn’t have last year. For example, he told Saskatoon Phoenix report James Parker that the Jews were a “disease” and Adolf Hitler was trying to “clean up the world” when he “fried” six million of the “guys” during the Second World War. This occurred in December 2002. He subsequently was brought up on charges of promoting hatred against an identifiable group. Ahenakew offered a tearful apology in 2002, citing vague factors like his health and anger.

That defense has been now given in court. Ahenakew’s lawyer claimed that some wine and a higher dosage of medication caused the outburst.

…caused clearly by a chemical imbalance in the blood being related to diabetes. In addition to that he had two glasses of wine the night before…That’s likely what caused a spontaneous and unpremeditated expression of views that he wouldn’t otherwise use in good judgment.

One doesn’t have to do a graduate degree in linguistics to notice the extreme vagueness in the last sentence. Was it the holding of the views that caused by the wine and medication or the expression? In any case, Christie went on to blame the media:

Who is more to blame? Who spread it around the world?

Finally, Christie went so far as to claim that the reporter had baited Ahekanew:

Mr. Parker had a clear and deliberate plan to get a good story out of a mediocre one…You [Parker] were publishing that material because you knew it would make you a famous reporter.

Oh Christie, don’t you know that desperation is a stinky cologne?

Anyhow, Muffti does admit some sympathy for not being held responsible for what you say while drunk. But this is just ridiculous.

Quotes from the Globe and Mail. Hat tip to K…K…K…Kenny.

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  • What is he being charged w/ incitement? Is he covered under
    free speech like that, to praise a mass murderer?
    If a lefty spoke out in priase of Osama, would that be OK?

  • I’d be more sympathetic to Ahenakew had he not made the very unfortunate decision to hire Doug Christie as his lawyer. Christie is a complete douchebag, concerned more with promoting his vila anti-semitic agenda than he is with properly defending his clients. Christie also represented Holocaust denier and convicted liar Ernst Zundel. Ahenakew should know that you are judged by the company you keep, and he’s keeping bad, bad company.

  • I’m just waiting for someone to take this argument and post a warning to all Diabetics that they should be careful about drinking wine because even a day later it can turn you into an anti-semite:-) What an absurb argument to put forward.

    This case is a good test of Canada’s anti-hate law. It is unlikely to be won but let us all hope that they take his Order of Canada membership away from him!

    At the time of his statement, I was very pleased that other aboriginal leaders made very clear declarations against this ignorant and hateful man. I made a point to thank the ones that I know.

  • Sounds like free speech to me. Stupid speech, evil speech, but free speech nonetheless. This guy shouldn’t spend a day in jail.

  • I have a Canadian roommate and everyday I end up disliking Canada, more so Quebec, a little more every day. Canadains like to call themselves pacafist. Meanwhile there are the top running for most anti-semetic country of the year. You better watch out France, Canada and England are right behind you! Another natiive Montreal Canadian told me, u cant get fair press in Canada because the major news papers are owned by Jews. And if you take the Jews out of NYC then the economy will fall because they have the majority of money. The worst part of it was she said it so nonchilant (spelling?) and didnt even realize how bigited she is. Freakin Canadian……………..

  • whoa, be careful there, Zevi, quite a few of us happen to be in Montreal… Sorry about your dumbass roomate, but it seems to me that you may have a bit of bigotry towards canadians…

  • whoa zevi, is english your first language??? Just a peace-loving montreal girl wondering where the spell check was at…

  • I dunno, it seems that Zevi is echoing, to some degree, the words of the great Mordechai Richler. Maybe the spelling and grammar are lousy, but the point he makes is that there may be some heavy duty antisemitic sentiments in parts or segments of society in Canada.

    I’m not sure I agree, but you Canadians should at least tell us whether he’s right or wrong and why.

  • As an expatriate who has lived in Canada for over thirty years, I don’t find their to be anymore anti-semitism here than in New Jersey. There are ignorant people in both places.

    The one difference here is that when someone makes hateful remarks here there is a much quicker response like this case than that made by my American cousins. After all, Zundel was forced to leave the US on immigration offences and not because of what he promoted. Keegstra as well is a good example that while there are some problems here (largely attributed to immigrant Moslems) there is a much lower threshold of acceptance of hateful speech and less concern that when you can shout fire in a crowded theatre it might be alright under the umbrella of free speech.

  • Sadly(for me), I think he has a right to his opinion. I only think it is a shame that jews could not evoke any more sympathy from a leader of a people who have had a serious oppression trip of their own.
    Wow, the jews must be a really pathetic lot.

    Iggy lives and breathes inthe hearts of all men.