she devilsYiddish Folk Tales! Klezmer music! Belly Dancing! No, this is not about my recent dating life, but rather it’s a show taking place from April 29th to June 5th at the Santa Monica Playhouse.

They sent me an email asking for a plug and they were just so cute and earnest, how could I say no? Also there’s an old-timey radio element involved, and if anything gets to me, it’s old-timey radio. Here’s what they said: she-devils from the underworld … unintentionally create scandal in the Shtetl – man those ashkenazim are just so darned compelling and exotic! Check it out at the Santa Monica Playhouse Web site.

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  • As someone who played a dybbuk in the first-ever staging of an original Yiddish version of the hit ABC show “Lost,” I can attest to the fact that often, a she-devil doesn’t even know she’s a devil until someone points at her and yells “SHE-DEVIL!!” Once that happens, drama emerges, and before you can bare your elbow or knee, you’ve created a scandal. Sigh. I know how those Yiddish She-Devils feel, all right.