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Uh… if this does not seem like our usual irreverent language it’s because it isn’t. We got this from some PR dudes at the Jewish Journal who promised a $10 Starbucks gift certificate if we ran this piece. I thought it was so cute that they would actually think that I’d run this that I said to myself, “You know what? I will run it!” Plus they’re giving away an IPOD (note the all caps) so what the hey! An IPOD and Starbucks! Who can resist??

Plus check out the way the dude flattered me:

Dear Blogger:
I am the Marketing Coordinator at The Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles (www.jewishjournal.com), and I like your blog. It has great information, good stories and lively conversation.

Oh stop. You had me at “Dear.”

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Founder and Publisher of Jewlicious, David Abitbol lives in Jerusalem with his wife, newborn daughter and toddler son. Blogging as "ck" he's been blocked on twitter by the right and the left, so he's doing something right.


  • 😆

    You know, I blog here too. Do you think they’ll send you another Starbucks coupon?

  • I’m actually betting we have to split the certificate several ways. Don’t make me get cute and try to incorporate the names of all our posters into one sentence. Cause I’ve already done it, but am already embarrassed about how adorable I am, so I’m not posting it.

  • ck, I feel totally cheated! That picture looks yummy enough to have misled me into thinking that you were actually posting something about the deliciousness of Fraps. And how maybe it’s Jewish now? But no. Nothing!

  • Dina: Well, the owner of Starbucks is Jewish and a great supporter of Israel, despite Starbucks totally tanking in the holy land… does that help any?

  • Wow. I got the same exact email. I can’t believe he said the same exact thing to you! I feel cheated and used! How can I ever love again?

  • Harry: Well, you can always take a bus to Aman, Jordan and go to the Starbucks there, $10 gift certificate in hand, and drown your sorrows in a Venti half caff / double mocha / extra foam Vanilla Latté.

  • I live in coffee land. And the best Iced Coffee Desert type thingie is at:

    1) Blenz: Mochachinno
    2) Baskin Robbins: Mocha Frap

    The Starbucks fraps are crap.

  • OMG! What are the odds of so many of us getting the exact same bit of ‘fan mail’ from this marketing guy?! I mean, he has to be a voracious reader of Jewish blogs, right?

    At least he didn’t send the request to a visible list of addresses or f*ck up a mail merge so that it read something like, “Dear Mr. Blog, … and I love your Jewlicious!”

    I have to admit though… if there had been an outlet of the evil empire within a day’s travel of my house I would probably have posted the link too! 🙂

  • don’t the coupons work for ordering online? just saying, you don’t need to be near one to enjoy one! (hang on, commercial prompt just hitting me, Dunkin’ Donuts Rules!)

  • Ummmn…is it just Muffti or does that starbucks cup looks like it’s containing a pile of…

  • Yup, I got the same e-mail too. And here I believed him when he said my blog has great information, good stories and lively conversation!! ~sniff~ I used to think I was special!

    I think the “Dear Blogger” was an especially nice “personalized” touch. Really, did he think we wouldn’t all comment on it on our blogs?? We’re BLOGGERS! That’s what we do!

  • I’m thinking of starting a blog called “Shameless Marketing Opportunities for Businesses Willing to Send Me Free Stuff.” I already have an established relationship with Starbuck’s: http://escapetoelmcity.blog-city.com/read/977977.htm, so I think I’m well on my way to building a world-class pandering empire. I’m especially interested in Italian sports car manufacturers (I have a special place in my heart for Maserati) and luxury vacations. I know, I’m a genius.

  • Well, CB, at least you got a letter. I was *sniff sniff* completely ignored…

    Starbucks’ fraps are actually quite good, thanks to all the sugar, but their coffee blows. I just got an espresso machine and my espressos, cappucinos and lattes are vastly superior than SB’s burnt offerings.

  • This is funny. There are way more posts about this Starbucks thingy than on the separation fence. That just shows our prediliction towards anything edible.

  • Jeez. Over a year of urban kvetching and helping frustrated daters doesn’t merit sponsored caffeination, apparently.

    CK doesn’t even drink coffee! There is no justice in the world. In fact, maybe this is proof for Muffti’s approach to life. No free Starbucks for Esther = no God. Finally, a theory that makes some sense.

  • Yep, Esther, the problem of evil finally has its clearest case: no coffee for Esther. Now don’t you think God could have created a better world, one where you are drinking from a glass that looks like it contains a big pile of…

  • Have you tasted Tim Horton’s coffee? Yummy. Delicious.

    “Sitting here at the Horton’s/so you know this is important”
    – G. Downie

  • All the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf cafes are kosher in california the Jewish Journal should support them… besides their coffee is better and they have real tea, not that tazo tea bag nonsense

  • Jessica – Muffti not only hates coffee but hates starbucks as well! And he’s not a huge fan of cats. Your ball.

  • “Jessica – Muffti not only hates coffee but hates starbucks as well! And he’s not a huge fan of cats. Your ball.”

    Is this the human equivalent of two dogs sniffing each other’s ass…but online?

  • Fucking Shtremiel. Muffti tries to flirt with a jewish girl and he makes fun. Clearly the problem of assimilation is due entirely to smart-asses like you.

  • Jessica,

    He’s fun to have around to drive uni-dimensional religious folks crazy and he can do some really good Metallica covers on guitar.

    How’s that?

  • Thanks, Shtremiel. Muffti hopes your clinical work is better than your matchmaking.

  • Jessica,

    He was one of the few students I truly looked forward to seeing each day at Hillel.

    I can’t do any better than that GM. Stop by Vancouver, I’ll fix ya up good. And I don’t mean smack.

  • No worries about the smack. Muffti is sure that in Vancouver he could find his own. Muffti thought you were moving to Toronto soon.

  • Kewl. Muffti will probably drop by the hometown sometime after that. Maybe we can hang out and exchange insults in person 🙂

  • GM,

    I’ll pass on my new digits to you when I get ’em.

    “i don’t like midgets much either.”

    That’s odd.

  • Leave Muffti’s girl alone, Shtremiel. She can hate what she likes. Frankly, Muffti is no fan of old people.

    So what do you like, Jessica?

  • i enjoy the color green, ridiculously hot summer days and extremely tall people. what rocks your socks muffti?

  • Muffti’s socks get rocked by women who use the phrase ‘rocks your socks’. Hmmmn, let’s see. Muffti likes pretty hot summer days, shockingly good episodes of south park and Trailer Park Boys, and the occasional hungover morning with someone fun to recover with. (It’s a real bonding experience).

  • In other news, The NY Jewish Week (print edition) has been redesigned, and offered no perks for people who blog about it. Hmm.