Gorrito Cosmico
You’d think a latino Jewish hip hop band would have no legs. You’d think they’d have maybe one album, one funny song and then what more would you expect? Kind of like 2 Live Jews’ Kosher as they wanna be – there’s a shtick, it’s funny, but then how many more times can you listen to it?

Well, in the case of the Hoodios, you’d be wrong. The musicians are talented, the genre is rich and you’re clearly just a narrow minded little twerp. Click here to see the Gorrito Cosmico video! It has hats, and uh… alien abductions and Hoodia honeys. You can find out more about the Hoodios by visiting their Web site at hoodios.com. Once there, you can get info on their second Album, Agua Pa’ La Gente.


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Founder and Publisher of Jewlicious, David Abitbol lives in Jerusalem with his wife, newborn daughter and toddler son. Blogging as "ck" he's been blocked on twitter by the right and the left, so he's doing something right.


  • Que viva los Hip Hop Hoodios!!

    Their new album “Agua Pa’ La Gente” rocks….

  • Jsirpicco – yes, despite the Omer – and purely for “research” purposes connected to his undercover work – declares Hip Hop Hoodios “POSSIBLY COOL” – High praise from Jsirp, by the way…video was good got a beat, can dance to it, 85, but the samples on their site, well, some yes, some no…

    But if the kids these days are declaring them So This Week, then Iam watching with great interest…is it just that they call themselves Jews that makes them cool, and so, Jews here in the U.S. (and yeah, okay Canada CK and crowd, but please, Canada? I mean, can we just be serious. A white boy nation full of white boys and even their immigrants are white boys, I mean have you ever BEEN to BRACEBRIDGE ONTARIO??????)

    So is it just that they call themselves Jews, so all the Jewish kiddies out there say, Oh, gosh, they’re Jewish and sound kind of neat, so THOU SHALT listen to them? I mean, Marc Knopfler back in the day…Jewish or half Jewish too, but didn’t make a thing of it to get approval….so that’s the question…are they good, our just from the Jewish Hood, and since Jews have nothing to unite them besides eating felalfel and “rooting for Israel” and going to dumb Israel day celebrations where they bare their navels and eat felalfel and wish, hope prayer to be VIOLTATED by some unsuspecting Israeli soldier….so because of all that, they just say, Yeah Hip Hop Hoodios…yea! We’re Jewish, they’re sort of Jewish…yea! Let’s go see them on “motzei Shabbos,’ cuz we’re modern Orthodox blah blah blah….Like Evan and Jaron…remember them, well they didn’t do the jewish thing they are Jewish and Kept stuff…but the music and their shtick didn’t have to do with it…so WHICH IS BETTER?????

  • Jsirpicco, it’s like you and JM studied with the same creative writing teacher.

    I can assure you that Mark Knopfler never wore his Judaism on his sleeve the way the Hoodios do.

    By the way, where is Muffti. A day without Muffti is like a day without Muffti.

  • “the same creative writing teacher”

    Faulkner. Definitely stream-of-consciousness, lack-of-punctuation-lovin’ Faulkner.

  • Esther, I love Faulkner. I’ve read lots of Faulkner. I think Faulkner is one of the finest American writers ever. Faulkner could have been my friend.

    And Esther, JM and Jsirpicco are good, but they ain’t no Faulkners.

  • That Quentin chapter from Sound and the Fury made me never read Faulkner again. So I’m really not familiar with his other work. And it’s his own fault.

  • Faulkner??? That’s so typical and obvious! NO way…but it is interesting. In His past reincarnation Jsirppicco DID have a creative writing teacher…though he’d probably NOT approve of the blog for some reason —- that writing teacher was THE BEST TEACHER IN THE HISTORY OF HUMANKIND – also Jewish in a 5th Avenue, I’m Rich and cultured, but I eat bagles once in a while withmy scotch and marry shiksas kind of way, but Jewish never the less…. His name?

    Gordon Lish. The best. The best the best.

    ONly problem, like, uh, duh, creative writing is like, uh TOTALLY MEANINGLESS in the dot.com age post dot.com age when no one reads anymore, and there’s no grammar or any of that….Still Jsirpicco was in Lish’s army. You can google him….he’s out there somewhere…I wonder if he read this would he OUT me…

    So once again, you see, wherever you’ve been, TM, Muftihead, ESther (Oy, poor Esther, my heart cries for you) and where’s what’s his face Shtreimel boy and CK…wherever you’ve been, Jsirpicco has been there, too. Maybe at the same time, haunting in the shadows, watching, watching….knowing the secrets of your heart

  • I saw Mark Knopfler friggin almost cry while performing at Sultan’s Pools in Jerusalem, so moved was he to be surrounded by his fellow Jews.

  • Believe me – I didn’t write about him…I just was in awe of his presence at the time…..now it’s all different…but in many ways Gordon Lish put me on the path to seek greatness…thus my current incarnation as the GREAT JSIRPICCO!

  • oh wait TM – I know cuz we had this conversation before. I didn’t mean to sound ya know… rude.

    Shabbat Shalom!

  • ck, would I ever think that about you? And if I did, would I express the thought publicly in plain sight of the GREAT JSIRPICCO?