According to the Globe and Mail, three students were expelled from their “Christian-based school” for contributing to an anti-Semitic Web site:

The boys, all in Grade 10, posted anti-Semitic images on a website and responded to a complaint by a Branksome Hall student by calling her a “hooknosed parasite” who “should be thrown into an oven with the rest of them.”

Wrinkle: one of the “accused” (and expelled) contributors is Jewish.

“Imagine how these boys’ parents are feeling. They clearly didn’t have any idea,” Hal Hannaford, headmaster at Royal St. George’s College in downtown Toronto, said in an interview.

They “didn’t have any idea.” That’s for damn sure.

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  • Not that surprising. What is the background of the parents. Do they belong to a Synagogue, do they go? Popular western culture has a strong violent component. Unfortunately, the peace and love generation died out a long time ago. The people spoke, and they wanted Reagan and Bush.

    This is what happens when you reject your Jewish Heritage. Send the punk to Israel on Birthright, let him work in a Kibbutz for 6mo.

  • I’m extremely in touch with my Jewish heritage and I voted for Bush.And the 70 percent of Orthodox Jewry that voted Bush are quite in touch with it as well. However a big percentage of Jews who vote democrat habitually are very much not in touch with their heritage and consider Israel an aggressor.

  • speaking of Israel.Even now after the country has willingly emasculated itself in 1993 and seized being a paragon for Jews,its most popular insitution is still the IDF .There’s a strong martial component in true Israeli identity.

  • Many people think that Bush is good. I look at this. The economy of the United States is going downhill.
    The Terrorists that he wants to wipe out, are not getting wiped out, they are continuing to flourish.
    He made a war on a stated point, that had been disproved.

    So what good has he done?

  • Bush is a one-trick pony, his good point is he supports israel. Just about all his other policies are counterproductive, and quite honestly dangerous (cut taxes, invade random countries, etc)… and for the record I’m not a ‘self-hating jew’, very much pro-israel although I am quite secular.

  • But yea, those boys are wacked. I predict a low turnout at that Jewish kid’s bar mitzvah…

  • Shira,
    He supports Israel. Well maybe, but maybe he is pressuring Sharon to give back the land.
    Which US President was ever not good for Israel?