har ha bayit
Don’t worry kids, ck is here…uh…is that a plane?

Five men were arrested and released by Jerusalem Police and the Shin Bet for planning to fire a rocket at the temple mount. The plan consisted in firing a Lau anti-tank missile from a yeshiva rooftop, throw grenades at would be arresting officers and end it with suicide, Muffti presumes by grenade. The intention was to scuttle the looming disengagement.

Worst of all, these fine young lads were unknowingly competing with another plot by involving an airplane. However, Haaretz and the Jerusalem Post conflict over the relevant details. Haaretz claims the man was going to fly a model plane into the mosque. Jpost claims that a 61 year old Ra’anana resident and long time Kahane activist Ilan Hirschfeld was arrested by police for considering to fly over the Temple Mount in a light aircraft. Hirschfeld claims he just wanted to do some photography.

Anyhow, the case seems flimsy. Attorney Naftali Wertzberger went so far as to say:

There is no case here. What we are talking about is an attempt by the Shin Bet to implicate a group of Bratslev hassidim.

None of the conspirators are in custody. The police cancelled a press meeting on the topic. Anyone know what’s going on?

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  • 1) Galei Tzahal (Army Radio Station) interviewed Hirschfeld. He was talking about UNMANNED mini-gliders. He wanted to document the damage done to antiquities on the Temple Mount.

    2) The “plan” to bomb the mount was, again, an idle conversation – conducted by Breslover chasidim (and we all know that they occupy ONLY THE HIGHEST positions in Israel’s artillery corps!)

    3) ALL WERE RELEASED almost immediately after their arrests – in a repeating pattern of planted, fabricated news stories intended to discredit the opposition to the Gaza expulsion.

    4) The reports were specifically timed to coincide with the massive blocking of roads and intersections by anti-expulsion protesters. They included other fabricated non-news such as the “arrest” of Noam Federman – who has been under house arrest for months.

    All carefully coordinated to make the protesters look like crazy violent rabblerousers instead of the salt-of-the-earth that they are – and also to justify further undemocratic crackdowns on dissenters.

    Can you say “propaganda”?

    It hasn’t been working, however – the fact that they had to go so far afield to find people to frame indicates how broad the opposition is – and how much the settlers and others have wised up to the Bolshevik tactics deployed during Oslo. The youth in Gaza and elsewhere actually out anyone who proposes violence as a Secret Service plant.

    There was an AMAZING interview during drive-time on Army Radio this morning, with the woman organizing the protest roadblocks in the Galilee region. The host tried time and again to make this woman out as a crazy violent radical, and she kept coming back with sane, cogent statements about the damage this expulsion plan is doing to our democracy and security.

    The left is really desparate.

    Today’s roadblocks were a great success – demonstrating to the police that they cannot abandon the whole country to carry out the expulsion.

    The fearmongering and shrill denunciations have not worked, if anything they have backfired – people were walking up to policemen and saying “Arrest Me!” So the summer hasn’t even started, and the protesters have called the establishment on their most fearful card, and said “We don’t care.” All while remaining non-violent and rational.

  • from Ynet:
    s the Shin Bet foiled attempts to carry out terror attacks on the Temple Mount – or is the affair indicative of the “hysteria” within the security forces regarding their battle against anti-disengagement right-wing activists?

    The Shin Betand Israel Police detained, but later released two groups of far-right activists who authorities say plotted terror attacks on the Temple Mount as part of the anti-disengagement efforts, police revealed Monday.

    Security establishment officials say one group planned to use grenades and a missile in the attack, while the other planned to attack the holy site with an “explosive model airplane.”

    In all, nine people have been arrested.

    The case raises difficult questions regarding the validity of the security forces’ suspicions, as security officials admit the plans to attack the Temple Mount were by no means in their operational phase.

    Second, no weapons or ammunition of any kind were found during searches of the nine suspects, who have been released on bail and placed under house arrest. No indictments have been filed so far.

    The case strengthens right-wing claims that the Shin Bet and Israel Police are exaggerating their efforts to prevent anti-disengagement activity, so much so that the freedom of expression is being suppressed.

    Justice Ministry officials said the district attorney’s office decided there was not enough evidence to prove the suspects committed a crime. It seems the suspects only planned to carry out the attack, but later recanted prior to their arrest, the officials said.

    Interior Minister Gideon Ezra told Ynet the affair “is not serious.”

    “The Arabs will think people really want to destroy the Temple Mount,” he said. “There are no indictments because there was no crime. If it were serious would they have been released? The whole story is exaggerated.”

    read it all at:

  • This is a blatant example of the police trying to blacken the opponents of the expulsion plan. This is not the first story of ‘someone’ trying to sell religious Jews weapons or provoke radical ideas. It works great actually. The headlines all over this morning before the story broke was that the shabak stopped religious zealots from the evil plan, and who has time to read the actual story. We now know that Brelovers are dangerous, right?

    The Shabak didn’t prevent anything, no arrests were made and no one was even indicted. Unless, the shabak is now the ‘thought police’, like the KGB, and it is illegal to wish that the mosques on the temple mount should be destroyed.

    The police cancelled the press conference because it is a total embarrassment to waste an agent that managed to infiltrate the religious and all go up in smoke with no indictments or evidence.

    But they should know that the media won’t ask the hard questions since the media admits to supporting the expulsion plan.

  • Well, Muffti kind of agrees and tried to indicate that there was something fishy about the whole thing. Jpost reports that they went a little beyond mere idle talk, including consulting someone (Elior Chen) who advised taking out a loan and offered to introduce them to weapons salesmen. However, it doesn’t look like these guys were very serious and even the DOJ said it appeared the gave up the idea prior to the arrest.

    Muffti is a little curious about one thing: would you go to bat for Palestinians who began the early phases of an attack and then changed there mind, or would you support an arrest based on low-coinfidence suspicions?

  • Nice point there, Mufti. I’m a bit speechless… just sitting here questioning my own motives.

  • Okay…people with media conspiracy theories, please relax, there is no media conspiracy. They report what seems to be news and sometimes they get it right and sometimes they get it wrong. There may be a bias, but if you think about it a little, you’ll recognize that Israel has a variety of media outlets and they have different political views. At least one thing is true about most of the media in Israel, however, the Jews control it. Now there’s a conspiracy…

  • T_M,
    you aren’t that naive?

    They openly admit it. No hard questions to Sharon, no uncovering corruption accusations, nothing that might harm Sharon and his ‘disengagement’.
    Give us a break already with the ignorance, or are you feigning it too? Otherwise, you do not know much about the expulsion because the media is not reporting anything that might hurt it. But one day they’ll turn around. They simply will have no choice. The Israeli public is now only 52% supporting the plan and dropping. Remember the Gush Katif to Kotel hands-across-Israel chain? The media ignored it (and the unprecedented logistical planning) until the day itself, and then ridiculed it. But an amazing thing happened and it was a success. They were so caught up in it and they couldn’t hide their excitement for this unique show of support. Even they called it a great ‘mifgan koach’ or show of strength’. One dipsy leftist reporter couldn’t hide her glee and asked a spokesman “where do you get these great ideas?”

    Read and weep about how Israeli/Jewish journalists have relegated the entire mainstream Israeli media (which feeds the foreigh reporters as well) to Pravda and hiding the truth about this insane plan:

    ‘The media is guarding Sharon like an Etrog’
    In hebrew, veteren ‘journalist’ Amnon Avromovitch says that ‘we’ (the media) must take care of Sharon like a precious etrog because only he can do the expulsion. Nahum Barnea in the same forum only said that we should not be ignorant of the day after (when Sharon is open season for his corruption being overlooked now and when we might look at our professional conscience).

    Army Radio Journalist Admits ‘Conspiracy of Silence’
    In english – http://www.israelnationalnews.com/news.php3?id=81865
    “I have failed. We have failed,” wrote Kaveh Shafran, political affairs correspondent for Israel Army Radio (Galei Tzahal) in a recent article for the Israeli Institute for Democracy. “As a diplomatic correspondent, I was among those who in the past year were supposed to tell the public exactly what is the disengagement plan, why it was created, how it will be implemented, and to discuss its various aspects, as well as how the Prime Minister functions.”

    Or in original hebrew insider media journal article –

    Why stop at that?
    The whole current issue of this elitist-only journal is dedicated to the issue of “Is the media a collaborator [to the ‘disengagement’]”

    Read the introduction, the first article, and the 2nd too by Avromovitch deriding right-wing journalists.

  • I assume my previous post was not censored but rather spam-suspect. I didn’t realize how much blogspam there was before following harry’s link to israelity. I feel so protected here in Jewlicious land. Let’s say ‘grace’ for all that you guys do here even if there is no preview button.