Beam me into acting class in Tel Aviv, Scotty…

Time for birkat cohanim...Method acting goes Vulcan as Shekhina-loving Star Trek actor Leonard Nimoy, 74 (can you believe it?), lands his thespian spacecraft in Israel to share acting tips with Israeli actors. The trip is happening thanks to the Federation in Los Angeles in collaboration with the Tel Aviv Cinematheque.

On June 19 he will hold a master class for acting-school students at the Tel Aviv Cinematheque, followed by the screening of excerpts of his cinema and television work, and an explanation of what went into making his films.

[“In this film role, I was trying desperately to get away from being Spock….and in this film, I wanted people to see me as very different from Spock…and in this film, I wanted people to see me as the opposite of Spock…”]

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