One could be worried for the 20 year old Scarlett Johansson. Having two staight films with horny Jew boy Woody Allen, one of the unfortunate icons of American Jewry. One could think he has plans and designs for a new muse in his life, despite her denials.

But I am not worried. For one thing, she is too old for him. And as Rahulio points out, Woody doesn’t date Jewish girls anyway.

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Laya Millman


  • “Yes, the Woody is a very impressive accessory for the Scarlett because he is the big, important director, but the Scarlett, she had on another accessory that was impressive. The Rahulio is talking about that very nice Tennis bracelet around her wrist.”

    Maybe that tennis bracelet was given to her by Woody. And You all know what that means–when a Jewish guy gives a Jewish girl a tennis bracelet–right? THEY’RE ENGAGED!!!

  • Woody is an unfortunate icon? Maybe by the quality of his films of the past 10 years, and maybe by the narcissism of his personal life, but his work of the 70s and 80s is unparalleled in its influence on Jewish and American culture (and no, I don’t mean a negative influence). Who else is an unfortunate icon? Mel Brooks? Lenny Bruce? The Marx Brothers?

    As for the Woodster’s influence, check out the glasses you’re wearing on every page of this site…

  • His movies don’t really change, nor does he, seems that he ages 5 years for everyone elses 10. BTW I see California had a lasting impression, this new site design (the blue one) makes me feel very L.A.

  • Allen is finished. Anything Else and Melinda, Melinda look like high school film projects compared to Bananas and Annie Hall. Even Scarlett can’t save him. he should just quit. Quit, Woody, quit. We could study Gemorah together.

  • Ia Johansson really Jewish? The link just says “unconfirmed Jewish mother”. (What, did she miss her Confirmation ceremony or someting?) Very cool if true, but if that’s the best you can do, the jury is still out.

    Can anyone confirm the rumor I heard that Halle Berry’s mother Judith is Jewish (it would make sense, what with a name like “Yehudith”, even if it is Anglicized)?

    And, yeah, the Woodman has lost his touch, but “Annie Hall” is an absolutely terrific film, as are many of his others.

  • Why could one be worried for her? What is the big bad Woody going to abuse her small time innocence? WTF?

  • I’m just stunned to hear that the next time I see CK, he won’t have those glasses. It’s gonna be like staring into the sun.

  • What’d I miss? Did CK have laser surgery? First I didn’t know about the site redesign, and now this…

  • But Scarlett Johansson is Jewish, as reported by the World Jewish Digest in April 2005.