Zionism is hotSo today we celebrated Israel Independence Day in downtown Montreal. Jews were bussed in from all over the city, Jewish high school and elementary school kids got the day off to come down, people ditched work, Israeli, Canadian and Quebec flags were everywhere (and one Swedish flag – I have no idea why). Yeah – it was pretty cheesy but fun anyway.

There were of course the ever present anti-Israel demonstrators. It’s bad enough they have to be such party poopers, but why are they also so… badly dressed? And stupid looking? I don’t want to sound mean spirited or anything, but yow – talk about fugly! I mean if international conflicts were decided based on hotness, I think we’d have ’em beat hands down!

And we’d beat them on cuteness too:


Cutest!The flag in the hair thing was very big this year. To the right we see ck with Noam and Jordan who were both celebrating their first Yom Ha Atzmaut together. Such cuteness. I will spare you all pics of the anti-Israel demonstrators because I just don’t wanna sully Noam and Jordan’s special day. So… hope everyone had a good Israel Independence Day!

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  • Once again stregthening our position, such cute kinderlach our future!!! Its great to see Montreal representin!!!!

  • They’re so cute. You can tell they’re so happy it’s Israel’s birthday! Or maybe they’re just pooping. In either case, they’re adorable. And apparently blonde.

  • Yeah. Blonde. How odd is that? I was blonde till I was three – and two of my sisters were similarly blonde. Now their offspring are blonde too. Yes, Noam and Jordan are my nephews! Blonde moroccan yiddles – go figger.

  • Noam: Keep those eyes open, baby!!!!
    Jordan: You so studly in that bomber!