Orange you glad I didn\'t say bananaThe Return of Avital
So the trip’s over. We dropped off our trip participants at the airport last night and now we’re decompressing over some yummy treats and free wireless Internet access at Cafe Rimon in downtown Jerusalem. This also gave us an opportunity to catch up with our old friend Avital.

I noticed that she, like many others in Israel, was sporting an orange ribbon on her waist, symbol of the anti-disengagement movement. I asked if she was opposed to the withdrawal from Gaza to which she answered “Of course!” I asked because it seems like sporting orange is like, a new fashion statement here in Israel. It’s a way of frontin’ like you all down with the man while sporting an 80s retro piece of clothing – the bright orange letting people far and wide know what a bad ass you are.

Of course I would say that most people sporting orange are sincere, especially the bearded settler types – you know, big knitted kippah, M-16 slung over a shoulder, untucked plaid shirt, sandals etc. But you gotta wonder about some of the stone-cold hotties walking around with these orange ribbons – these are not the people you see on hilltops or at protests. In any case, Avital here is definitely pro-anti-disengagement, while laya pictured next to her, is just a poser who supports withdrawal, albeit with many reservations.

Please Avital’s father – don’t kill me.

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