According to SLAM! Sports, the Olympic gold medal of Gal “The Wave (of Immigration)” Fridman has been stolen by burglars. (Nice Jewish Boy alert…he gave his medals to his parents. Awww.)

Adding insult to injury, the thieves also absconded with his bronze medal from the Atlanta games (1996):

“It’s not that they took my achievements. I’m still Olympic champion. No matter what they do they can’t take that away from me,” he told Israel TV. “But it clearly still hurts. (The medals) have a lot of sentimental value, and are very special to me.”

Just to recap:
Israeli winning a gold medal in windsurfing…Jewlicious.
Thieves stealing said gold medal from the aforementioned, parent-revering Olympian…not Jewlicious.

Thieves, give the dude back his medals. Do not make Jewlicious send CK and the birthright kidz after you to bust a cap of tzedek in your asses. Thank you.

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  • The medals were in a safe in his parents’ home, so perhaps the thieves didn’t know they were getting such non-negotiable merchandise. FWIW, I hope no negotiating is made for them. They are just pieces of medal. The real victory is being number one (and number three), no one can take that away.
    The police were also harrassed for responding only after 1.5 hours, and I give them credit when they say that they don’t give preferential treatment, and frankly other things at the time were happenning than a simple theft. (That they bothered to show up is incredible. Breaking and entering with no harm to people is not a reason to turn the key in the ignition anymore.)

  • hheheh…around now is a good time for Muffti to remind you that he is a GrandMuffti, not a GrandMufti. Sorry DiGiTaL…:(

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