MustaineWell, I don’t know about the rest of the band, but Megadeth founder and Jewish born Dave Mustaine, sure does. As he told the Jerusalem Post:

I love Israel – I’ve been back since the Cinerama show on a private visit with my wife and two children. We fell in love with the country and its people. In America, there’s a stigma that all of Israel is like Gaza. I know it’s different.

Megadeth will be performing in Israel for the first tme in 10 years on Wednesday at the Metalist Festival just south of Tel Aviv. Mustain, who started off playing with Metallica and has since done stints with Heroin, DUI and rehab, is currently a born again x-ian who refuses to play with Satanists. Mustaine told the organizers of Metalist that they had to drop death metal band Dissection from the festival or risk losing their headliner. Despite being arguably 10 years past his prime Mustaine got his way and the presumably Satan worshipping band got booted off the bill.

Megadeth will be the first of three major bands to play in Israel since the February “ceasefire” declared between Sharon and the PA’s Mahmoud Abbas (the other two being the Scorpions in July and Phil Collins, slated for this fall).

While the Heavy metal genre never moved me much, I’ll be checking out the festival (along with ck, and possibly Harry?) for the same article as the hippies. We’ll see if Israeli metal heads are hot too, eh? ck says he’s sure they’re just going to be stinky.

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  • hmmm… I wonder which of ck’s tshirts is most appropriate for the metal heads? The police one probably wouldn’t be a good option for this festival either. You better give it some serious thought this time!

  • I definitely remember that one – I’m not sure how well that one would go over with born-again Mustaine!

    I vote (cause I know my opinion matters to him 😉 ) for “Challah is Great” – there’s probably a good chance of potheads in the metal crowd as well and I think that would the most appreciated of the collection I saw. :o)

  • speaking of t-shirts, ummm— Ck, whatever happened to my ‘I Heart Hashem’ shirt? Nu, how the heck am i supposed to be captain of the Frum Teen Grl Squad if i ain’t got no I-have-a-crush-on-Hashem t-shirt? That’s it– it’s final: i’m reform!

  • actually, I’m trying to get fancy shmancy press passes. When are you going?

    And bec, you’re about as reform as I am catholic. But this is why i love you.

  • You’re missing a real cash cow here: the “I don’t play with Satanists” t-shirt.

    And next year, you need to get Megadeth to play at the birthright MegaEvent. There’s your fancy press passes for ya…

  • By the way, as for Jewliciousness, one of Mustaine’s guitarists for years (who plays lead on, arguably MDs best album, ‘Rust In Peace’) was Marty Friedman.

  • The Grand Mufti is correct. Friedman is now a pop star in Japan. I remember reading an article in Rolling Stone many moons ago about the “Monsters of Rock” tour. All the bands went to Dachau, but Friedman bowed out b/c he couldn’t handle it.

  • DAve Mustaine is not jewish he is Christian it is said in his website and in Wikipedia site , do from were did u get he was a jewish born????

  • I think you are saying that so that you advertize his concert ……unbelivable what you do for money…

  • Does anyone know who is the press contact for this show? I am an American journalist and would love to cover this performance.

  • how does Dave Mustaine explain his back catalog of music? Which is filled with witchcraft, death, murder and blasphemy? Awesome riffs…lousy lyrics…but most speed metal bands wouldn’t exist today if not for Metallica/Megadeth -and I am rooting for Dave 100…but my point is…the other bands are where he was at one point (see “The Conjuring” off of Peace Sells) — so good for him to make a stand — but Shepherd your offspring!

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