Esther celebrating IsraelThe parade was great this year…the weather cooperated, there were some really creative presentations, and tons of people lined Fifth Avenue to celebrate Israel. Plus, I was interviewed for local television and was able to plug Jewlicious and mention the Jewlicious @ the Beach conference. (These things only happen to me…)

As I reunited with old childhood friends who had four kids each, and wondered why my yeshiva high school suddenly had a co-ed band, one thought kept running through my mind: why am I the only one here wearing a Jewlicious tee shirt? Somehow, in a sea of organizationally themed tees, I imagined a world where many NY-area Jews felt confident enough to proclaim their Jewliciousness.

Next year, a Jewlicious float perhaps?

(More photos and some highlights available on My Urban Kvetch.)

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  • well i woulda worn my jewlicious tee had there been somewhere on this newfangled “jewlicious 2.0” to buy one! whateva happened to the jewlicious sto’? am i suffering from the web version of male-refrigerator-blindness, or has that link disappeared? did it ever exist in the first place?

  • deathpig, you’re right about the vanishing sto’. i can only assume that ck’s gonna get to it when the birthright kids go home. but in the interim, you can always go to

    next year in jewlicious tees!

  • Folks, look at this lovely woman, remember that she can write like the, uh, (D)ickens, has a brain, and obviously has good teeth. Not to mention a good neshama. Dammit, some worthwhile mensch start emailing the lass.

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