It’s 80 degrees and sunny in New York, and I’m about to leave for the Salute to Israel Parade (Fifth Avenue between 57th and 79th Street). For those of you outside the NY area, here are two posts about the parade that might interest you…

First, my post at My Urban Kvetch about Things I Expect to Find at This Year’s Parade. (Those of you who have been will understand…)

Next up, this week’s Jewish Week Singles column focuses on my wanderlust and somehow factors in the parade (not the most seamless transition I’ve ever written, but I had to mention the parade in this week’s column…) Plus, note how cleverly I include mentions of Jewlicious as well as Long Beach Hillel.

Parade recap to come later, so stay tuned, hevre.

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  • nee! My southern california weather is driving me nuts! Yesterday it was like 90 degress and uber sunny, and now the sun has disappeared and its frickin coldddd. (well like 60 degress) and theres no one to warm me up! haha

  • Esther, Did you see my gilgul ephiphany? At least something in the news keeps me laughing… If you didn’t, go to (PS thanks fo the plug for our site) It is nice to see you visit us!

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