1000 - woohoo!

So what? Many other blogs have had more posts, many have been around longer. So why even acknowledge that we’re a year old, or that we’ve generated 1000 posts? What have we really accomplished? I mean sure we’ve had some laughs, we had that conference and that trip to Israel, I know I’ve learnt a thing or two. But still. We’ve been threatened with law suits (once by the overly litigous JDate) and we never did get invited to Utah to hang with Mr. Bronfman or Mr. Steinhardt or any of the other new Jew swells. So what indeed.

Anyways… I’m working on another post and all around me shabbat preparations are in full swing. This is no time for introspection or reflection – or like, nice graphics for that matter. Sorry, wish I could be more momentous!

OK, OK … here’s what I’ll do so as not to be totally lame. How’s about we answer whatever questions you guys have about Jewlicious? Or anything for that matter. OK?

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Founder and Publisher of Jewlicious, David Abitbol lives in Jerusalem with his wife, newborn daughter and toddler son. Blogging as "ck" he's been blocked on twitter by the right and the left, so he's doing something right.


  • ck, do u have a middle (themiddle) age crisis?
    maybe muffti can hold yr hand?
    i think u guys ve achieved with some of the posts that u can unanimously declare yrself the jewlicious man of the year!
    i think u r really doing amazing stuff. now go recycle yrself over shabbes.
    … i meant shabbat shalom u’mevorach.

  • I had them until the site redesign, Josh. Except for two very ugly posts between Chutzpah and Jobber, I only used them for good – fixing typos and making things look a little cleaner.

  • Mazal Tov on both milestones and here’s to another year and another 1000 posts. Thanks for the highly entertaining reading.

  • You are making a big mistake by not letting people start threads. You’re let yourselves miss out on a lot of stuff. For many potential visitors, alot of your material is not of interest to them. Then again I am certainly not criticizing just chillin.

  • if this neocounter is true and pluralistic than it means that u ck r either not online or not in canada.
    anyway just wanted to tell u ( not that u were waiting for my advice)… pls dont give me edititing rights! heheheheheheheheheh
    people leave this idea behind. jewlicious is good the way it is and nobody needs here zilion people posting.
    now jewlicious is like ultra orthodox rabbis? they dont want to change?!

  • i was indeed away – i do have a life ya know! Heh … how y’all likin that neocounter anyway? Pretty cute, huh? Like right now it says we have twovisitors from Iran. Hey my Persian brothers! Please don’t nuke Israel! Thanks!

  • ha, hadn’t noticed the neocounter. it’s kinda cool. hey, there’s someone on from saudi arabia right now– didn’t expect that one. I wonder who s/he is and what s/he thinks of jewlicious

  • ck after u wake up and send this ftp to laya can u explain how is theis top 5 countries work?

  • Dude, it’s a blog, not a message board. If everyone who came here had access to the admin page to writes posts, people who don’t like Jewlicious or other people’s posts could do things like delete posts and comments and generally screw around with things. Anyway, do you know of any blogs where every visitor can also write posts?

  • Anyone is free to email me a post or an idea for a post and I can, in my discretion post it and attribute it to you. Click on the contact us link on the right if that’s what you’d like to do. We don’t guarantee anything though.

  • the neocounter is scary.
    now Jewlicious is racy and scary at the same time.

  • mazal tov. I’m all for celebrations, particularly when they involve toasts. Even moreso when they involve open bars. Weren’t y’all going to do Jewlicious at the Bar in LA? 🙂

  • ck so what is with answering questions that you promised?
    i asked u about this new neocounter stuff, u feel like explaining or i touched upon the jewlicious most guarded secret?

  • ybocher: geez – click on te link and find out yourself! Neocounter is just this cute toy I am playing with. It tells us how many people are on Jewlicious and what countries they are from.Top 5 countries simply measures the top 5 countries that provide Jewlicious with visitors. Really, its just a toy – not a big deal at all!

  • What’s with the cache/browser delete app that’s being advertised on the right side? Is that targeted advertising? Is there are high percentage of wankers visiting jewlic?

  • Does it offend you? Say the word and I’ll pull the campaign immediately. Seriously.

  • Michael, you are allowed to be innovative. What are these laws that you are abiding by, who made them?

  • Offend me? not really, this site is racy, so after being here, some people might need to use the cache deleter.

    Like the visitor from Iran currently lurking. Is he on a public computer or at home? Or is his IP address mil.ir?


  • people are so inconsistent in their accusations!
    if ck is a trust fund baby, why would he work for aa?

  • Hey ck, check the Jewlicious at gmail account. Please.

    As for Neocounter, we seem to hover between 11 and 26 readers at any given time and between 3 and 8 countries at any given time.

  • sorry ck, i see u dont enojoy this joke so much.
    disclaimer: according to my sources ck is not a trust fund baby nor a kolel yungehman nor an aa model nor a shakshuka bar owner nor a proffesional chazan in a shul…
    people just leave him alone!

  • Poland????????
    Who in the world in Poland might be interested in Jewlicious?
    Odezwij sie?

  • CK, CK! Paging Dr CK!
    Please contanct immidiately Rabbi Yonah. We need your help on that spam fast! Thanks.
    And as to everybody else – sorry!