ickBoobs Not Bombs
Dicks Not Death

Seriously, what would we do without California on a slow news day? I mean I’ve been out there a few times of late – there was the last 4th of July blowout (by the way, for those of you going back to school in September StandWithUsCampus.com is now up!) and of course Jewlicious @ the Beach and my subsequent road trip to Berkeley with Rabbi Yo. Nice place, awesome weather of course, certainly compared to Montreal in the winter. But then…

But then my senses are assaulted by this story about a naked protest in Berkeley, California that took place last week. It was titled Breasts Not Bombs and well… some people just should really not get naked. I don’t know what the political message was – who is going to insist on a bomb when a breast is available? Other posters had equally strange messages, “Dicks Not Death” displayed right next to “Plant Peace in the Middle East.” Let’s just say that the photos of this protest were traumatic enough, I can’t imagine how I would have reacted had I been exposed directly to this display.


Seriously. Keep your balmy weather and your Guvernator. I am glad to visit, but I can’t imagine living there. Oh the full display of photos is located here. But don’t go there. Seriously. Do not click on that link. Don’t do it.

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  • high light from that everybody’s free(to wear sunscreen) song from a while back.

    “Visit California, at least once in your life, but don’t stay long enough for it to make you weak.”

  • Holy pop reference yoseph. Good call! I hope your kabbalat shabbat program in Brooklyn did not look like this demo…

  • That demonstration passed right by me while I ate lunch. No harm, really. They may not have the most focused of messages, but they believe in what they’re doing and they don’t harm anyone.

    As for your views of California, I hope you could be a little more friendly, dude.

    At least we don’t have a mayor who kicks all the homeless people out of town and then says “look, I fixed the homeless problem.”

  • Few people know this, but “Boobs Not Bombs” is actually the title of the long-lost autobiography of famous pacifist Mahatma Gandhi (Ben Kingsley).

    That sign that the naked guy is holding in the above picture (per instructions, I did not click to the “more photos” link) bears some graphics with a very subtle and artistically post-modern flair. Perhaps some day, those cryptographs will be fully translated…

  • powerlloyd – I’m just kidding! I like California plenty! Please don’t take anything personally!

  • everybody just chill…nothin wrong with a bunch of naked people. as a general rule, that is…but yeah..i’d have to agree there’ve got to be some sort of limitations as who can launch a naked protest. I mean, it’s california-we’ve got so many good looking people here. Why can’t THEY get politically active and take everything off?

  • Great Googlie Mooglie!

    That sort of, um, expression makes one long for the innocence of a gay pride parade.

  • Note to self: next time, squelch youthful opposition to whatever anyone tells you and listen to ck.

    Although from the looks of things it was a really small protest. And most of them didn’t even muster up the courage to go fully naked. If they’re not committed to the full birthday suit, they’re not committed to planting peace in the Middle East. Wussies.

  • As a northern California native, a naked peace protest is really a run of the mill ho hum happening. What is truly funny is that it makes the news in all the eastern papers jump. I am still not sure how all this will convince any army to lay down weapons.

  • Wow. I really hope world peace breaks out soon & they never have to do that again.

    I think that protests like that could actually work; I’d gladly put down any bombs I happened to be carrying if those folks would kindly put their clothes back on. Let’s see, against what other controversial things beginning with “D” could they stage a naked protest? Wait, I’m still thinking…

  • ahhhhh, I clicked, I clicked, and upon viewing these naked people I nearly gauged my eyes out!!! Hippies!!!!! I think I’ve expressed my views enough about them on this blog, but these people would be top priority. I may have to change my usual hippy flogging decree, causet hey might be into it