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  • Meanwhile- On this day that begs out for unity – just liket his picture….SINGLES LISTEN UP: START TALKING ABOUT THE LIST! There’s gonna be a list. An A-List. The Ultimate A-List, cuz it’s got kindness in it! A list of every unmarried jewish person in America – their name and their mother’s name…I’ve heard about this and it’s really happening…and a group is going to daven for these singles at Amuka next month….you can check out the list at http://www.jpetition.com – no fooling, for really real! Signed…a kinder, gentler jsirpicco

  • Today begins 3 weeks of mourning for the Jewish people. On this day, the walls protecting Jerusalem were breached, and the Roman army began it’s siege.

    G-d allowed this to happen because the Jews were unworthy of divine protection. They were fighting among each other, just for the sake of being snarky.

    Let’s ALL make a resolution to debate the issues, and not the person. To keep our conversations on the intellectual level, with the goal of educating, and not putting other people down for holding different beliefs, or for not knowing as much as you do.
    I would like to see this forum (and all others) be used for education and enlightenment, and not for insults and derision.

    If you are Jewish, the next 3 weeks are a good time to look at yourself, and see what you may be doing to prevent the Messiach from coming. (for the Christians, translate that into “What Would Jesus Do?”)

    More information on The Three Weeks: http://www.chabad.org/holidays/3…AID=144771

    Shavua Tov, and have an easy fast

  • Still, a worthwhile article about the British and terrorism, and perhaps a little hypocrisy with respect to Israel and terrorism.

  • laya: you and I have different definitions of cute. I tend to associate cute with bunnies, mojo jojo, and a nice Jewish girl’s smile. This, well, this is “thought provoking”, “interesting, in that no matter your politics, there is only Hashem”, or even “odd, not a trace of orange in the place”.

    Also, jsirpicco: enough with the bloody jpetition link. We get it. No Jew should be allowed to remain single. Ever. Listen to this when you visit annoying sites.

  • Jason, admittedly, it is my bias. I always think the sight of Jewish boys in prayer is cute.

  • Jason,
    I’ve overheard a female say that watching men daven is a turn on. Now you know why there must be a high mechitzah? And laya just thinks it’s cute?

    as for mufti preventing the coming of moshiach, the way I look at it, you’re damned if you do, you’re damned if you don’t. You can speed up mashiach if you become a goody two shoes, or you can speed up the wrath of god by doing the opposite, after which mashiach comes too.

    live long and prosper,

  • I agree with laya, also: davening guys are cute in a sensitive, communing-with-God-and-not-talking-about-weird-guy-stuff kind of way.

    Anyone else notice the photographer’s symbolism in the photographic perspective of the soldiers behind the barbed wire? It was probably merely due to the fact that the photographer was on the protestors’ side of the fence, but it’s pretty poignant nonetheless.

  • You know what’s also cute? Doctors davening in their white coats. I normally can’t stand doctors, but when I saw them davening mincha in the chapel at Mt. Sinai Hospital, even I swooned. 😉

  • OK… I havn’t been on in a bit, and I don’t have time at camp to even read articles let alone post, but I’ve read headlines on my occational night out breaks, and when I saw this picture I had to provide details on it. I saw this picture for the first time 2 weeks ago when I first came to camp, one of the guys in the pictures (one of the non-chaialim) is here with me. It’s a picture from just outside of Gush Katif, it was taken during mincha when a group of guys from his yeshiva were visiting the area. They were going to go into Gush Katif to show support but were turned away. B”H even though it was the soldiers job to turn them away, they were able to reconsile pollitics and Pray together. We have a chance…