The think tank has spoken: if current population trends continue, as of next year, Israel’s Jewish population will surpass that of the United States. That’s right. Israel, a tiny lil’ countryette ’bout the size of Rhode Island, has more Jews in it than the entire US of A.

According to Reuters AlertNet, “The report from the Jewish People Policy Planning Institute (JPPPI) said the Jewish population of Israel was about 5.24 million and of the United States some 5.28 million, but the balance was shifting quickly.”

And since I know we love to talk about this here on Jewlicious, before anyone asks what this think tank considered a Jew, here’s the lowdown: “The JPPPI used the religious-based definition of those with a Jewish mother.”

In closing, here are some stats that will make Jewish Mother and some of our other commenters (commentators?) happy…

Although immigration to Israel has dropped, especially since a Palestinian uprising blew up in 2000, the birth rate of Israeli Jews is much higher than abroad — each woman has an average of up to 2.7 children. There are also fewer marriages between Jews and non-Jews in Israel than in communities abroad.

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