Weisz and AronofskyRachel’s 34, from London and studied at Cambridge. Darren’s 36, from Brooklyn and studied at Harvard. He’s definitely a smarty pants, getting the relationship off to a good start by proposing the old-fashioned way – he called Rachel’s father George and asked for his blessing. Rachel’s Mother Edith could barely contain herself “It was very sweet. Darren phoned her daddy to ask for his daughter’s hand in marriage …They are terribly happy about it. They love each other enormously. I’m very happy for her – absolutely delighted.” They’re going to take this whacky traditional theme one step further as they contemplate the possibility of getting married at “New York City’s oldest synagogue.”

That’s kinda sweet and all, and maybe even somewhat noteworthy given intermarriage being the norm now rather than the exception. But what’s really out of the ordinary is that both members of this couple are in the entertainment industry, where Jews marrying Jews is almost unheard of! Shocking! I mean there’s Woody and Soon Yi, Alicia Silverstone just married some rockstar dude called Christopher, even Ali G’s marrying outside the tribe (though she’s considering a conversion).

Well at least someone’s bucking the trend. Rachel is actress Rachel Weisz, who was in The Mummy, Enemy At The Gates and will be appearing shortly in The Fountain. Darren is director Darren Aronofsky, who has worked on such films as Pi, Requiem for a Dream and The Fountain. Rachel and Darren have been living together for a year and Darren proposed to her in Times Square when they returned from shooting The Fountain.

Freaky huh? I wish these two crazy kids a hearty Mazel Tov! Are we invited to the wedding now?

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  • You know, we’ve discussed this before: our own social page. Why should the NY Times have the exclusive? If you’re a Jewish couple being married by a rabbi, you receive mention on Jewlicious and our fondest blessings…

  • I was hoping to see something like this, dreaming of it. Keep up the pressure. Here is a possible t-shirt…. It’s Sexy To Marry Jewish. I don’t mean maybe.
    Gut Shabbos Fellow Hebrews!

  • Weisz is tyin the knot? this is so depressing…ever since that sex scene in enemy at the gates I thought she was the one. THE ONE. I hope this celeb relationship lasts as long as the typical Hollywood one. mazal tov, suckers.

  • Oy gevalt, encino yeled, you can’t say that on a Jewish blog. It’s blasphemy, I’m telling you!

  • Well, if Jewlicious wants the New York Bureau to apply for a press pass to the nuptials, let us know.

  • Yes Esther, why not have your Jewlicious personal assistant, Penelope get in touch with the Aronofsky people and see what you can do. Have them send the Press Passes to the Jewlicious Loft/Office space in Soho. Tell them to make sure it’s addresses properly, you know what crackheads those boys in the mail room can be! I mean YOU remember the Christmas/Hanukkah party! What a riot! Anyhow, if it’s a go I’ll gladly zip down in the Jewlicious Jet. Is my tux still in my office? Make sure to have Penelope send it to get pressed. ok ttyl!

  • Mr. Aronofsky – his father – was my high school science teacher in 6th grade at the Yeshivah of Flabush in Brooklyn. he was my favorite teacher, it was his first year there, and I still remember the paper I wrote about blimps. Nice to see he imparted some Jewish values to his son. Way to go!

  • Jacob, this is great news. Thanks for volunteering to work your Jewish geographgy connections to get Jewlicious an invite to the chuppah. We await news on your progress!

  • This an example that goes against the norms in Hollywood — marrying someone because of shared values, rather than shared hormones. I’m sure that they have other things in common, and are hot for each other, but emphasizing their Jewishness here indicates that religion really does matter in choosing a spouse. Good sighting ck!

  • hes actually a really cool guy… i went to this camp that he went to when he was younger and he did a screening of PI and Req there….

  • hes actually a really cool guy… i went to this camp that he went to when he was younger and he did a screening of PI and Req there….hes a bit on the weird side….but definetly a good semi-secular jew. 🙂

  • Charming coupple.

    She is nearing the age (35 approximately) when female fertility starts to drop off. Although it does not, of course, truly disappear for another eight or ten years after that, if you have determination and money.

    Therefore, one hopes they don’t wait to have kids. Why should they, after all? They are old enough to know what they want. G-d bless them.

  • United Press International (in the Washington Times at washtimes.com)

    Divorce and marriage rates down in U.S.
    Jul. 18, 2005 at 8:57AM

    Both divorce and marriage rates are declining in the United States in what a Rutgers University sociologist describes as bad news for children.
    The New Jersey university’s annual “The State of our Unions” report released Monday said the U.S. divorce rate is 17.7 per 1,000 married women, down from 22.6 in 1980. The marriage rate also fell 50 percent since 1970 from 76.5 per 1,000 unmarried women to 39.9.
    Researchers said the numbers suggest couples who once might have wed and then divorced now are not marrying at all, USA Today reported.
    “I don’t think it’s good news, especially for children,” said Rutgers sociology Professor David Popenoe. “As society shifts from marriage to cohabitation — which is what’s happening — you have an increase in family instability.”
    The report also said the United States has the lowest percentage — 63 percent — among Western nations of children who grow up with both biological parents.


  • It’s very beautiful that Rachel could overlook Darren’s having gone to Harvard.

  • It’s more impressive that she understood the movie Pi. That is, I presume she understood it, cuz I sure as hell found it way over my little itty bitty brain.

  • This is the second entertainment couple I’ve heard of where both people are Jewish. The other being Kevin Kline and Phoebe Cates. In both cases, sadly, this won’t have much impact.

    • Your comment is spam but I haven’t deleted it because it is So WRONG to promote an oven web site on a blog post about Jews…