It’s the world of Jewish Blogs as reported by Sarah Bronson (aka Chayyei Sarah), except with the egregious error of spelling ck’s last name Adibol (it’s Abitbol, people, it’s like the Smith of Morocco).

Even still, we are flattered to be included, and be on the cover. Read away.

But wait! That’s not all! In a stunning display of shameless cross promotion, our very own Esther D. Shares her life in blogging in the same magazine.

Laya will have an article in next months publication. We f-ing own this magazine, baby!

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Laya Millman


  • I ve read away as you ve suggested.
    Now sicnce you are officially the world most recognized blog mavens can you tell me please what is the blogging future? There is this comment at the end of the article -nterestingly, many bloggers themselves doubt that blogging will remain for very long as a popular mode of expression. “In two or three years, people’s blogs will be has-beens,” predicted Gil Student, founder of Yashar Books in New York and…“It’s a step in the evolution of the Web, and [blogs] won’t be around forever. I’m just riding the wave, and when it dies, it dies.”
    So which direction is it evolving?
    Warm regards and I hope to see you in “real world” and the next Jewliucious@the beach!

  • To say that blogging won’t be in the future is the same as saying that the good ole funky bulletin board in the University Square and Dorm entrances don’t exist either… It the same thing, more or less… nu?

  • yeah you are right but how many switched from reading the bulletin to reading the bloggs?

  • Feh. Only losers write blogs.

    I think we’ll keep doing this as long as y’all keep coming. When you stop, so do we. Or we’ll do this till we have nothing more to say. Whichever comes first.

  • Welcome to LA CK….

    There is was movie made in the mid 70’s by that name with Sissy Spacek in it. I thought that movie gave a good feeling of this city’s ruchnius.

  • we’re jews dude, when we have nothing left to say, we’ll talk about that and what it means for the future of the jewish people. They better just quit coming.

  • Uh thanks NSN. I just got here. How on earth did you know that??? Very cool!

  • i know we are all jews and we all need to talk all the time. but the article isnt saying that jews will stop talking, it just implies that the medium will evolve to something new. so i was just wondering that since you are the ones who shape today;s blogosphere you also might have a feeling where it goes to.

  • ck, you’re not at the hotel # and you’re not picking up the cell.

  • Congrats on the nice write-up. Your blog is wonderful and refreshing, and it does provide a valuable service. I like how in the article you said that you want to show you can be Orthodox, Zionist and cool at same time. Damn straight. For various reasons relgion and Zionism suffer from an unfortunate and entirely unnescessary association with frumpiness. Our future success depends in part on defeating this myth, and personal example is the best way to do it.

    Young people in particular don’t want to be associated with anything that’s associated with the Establishment, the Man, etc. Thus religious cynicism, post-Zionism, and so forth.

    Of course the irony is that Orthodoxy is entirely radical, placing the priamcy of Hashem and his commandments over whatever the current conventional wisdom is. And Israel, surrounded by hostile nations, constantly denounced at the U.N., is perhaps the most anti-Establishment nation on earth. Zionism is itself radical: it posits that history is not a river, not a blind force that carries us along. In conventional history, when a group is kicked out of its homeland for 200 years, they’re done for, forget them, hang up the ballet slippers, game over.

    Zionism (and Torah, its the same thing) teaches that we can assert ourselves upon history, with the help of HaShem. The creation of the State of Israel is the most radical event in 2000 years, because it required a thinking outside of the box on an extraordinary scale. 2000 years of thinking outside the box.

    And of course more radical events await us: really post-zionism and other forms of cynicism dont ask the Jews to be to give up reactionary views, they ask us to give up radical unique views, our special understanding of ourselves. In other words, they want us to join the Man.

  • Nice Sheem-tov! Could you be so nice and define “frumpiness” for me?

  • No, that’s ck, but for a nominal fee I can show you a picture of the Muffti eating fried alligator on a stick or throwing his arms around two extremely drunk, not-shall-we-say-conventionally-attractive women on Lundi Gras in the French Quarter.

  • Michael! You seem to know everybody around who is the girl with ck on the picture?

  • That would be Jewlicious co-founder, Israeli immigrant, blogger extraordinaire and all-around cool person Laya.

  • “Frumpy,” to answer client’s question, means “dowdy or drab” according to Webster’s. I hadn’t noticed that “frumpy” contains “frum” in it — its of course entirely coincidental — but sets the stage for some nice punning possibilities.

  • Thanks Michael, I knew you are the guy to ask. So this is the famous Laya!?
    Shem-tov, you did confuse me with this “frumkite” inside the frumpiness and the association is very interesting.

  • Just to clear things up for anybody who may be consumed with a burning desire to gaze upon the mysterious visages of the Posters of Jewlicious, there is that fancy About Us link up there in the corner under Playalicious. Everybody’s there, except me…but that should all be remedied next time ck gets on AIM…

  • Thanks Michael again! You the about us link is just like so many small but important things that go by unnoticed.
    The other thing is that now it seems to me that 2/3 or the comments are posted by the jewlicious staff. So now it looks to me like family kinda blog

  • Michael, we need you to write up a little diddy about yourself for that about us page now too! What are we doing up so late?

  • I wouldn’t say “family.” Maybe…a posse. Like, a rap posse. We go around challenging other team blogs to def poetry slams. Seriously. You should see Esther rock the mic.

  • What are we doing up so late? I swear, it was like 11 in the morning 15 minutes ago, and now it’s 3.

    As far as the about us page, well, I have a picture that’s the right size and everything, but I still need a description…it ain’t easy to distill the essence of Michaelship into a few choice sentences. I mean, for real.

  • client: yeah it is kinda incestuous that way. We do comment alot on our own posts. Is that like… declasse?

  • michael, i think you gotta give up on that and just admit that no matter what you write, it will be misunderstood. I dont know whts its like down there in kfar-middle-of-nowhere but I seriously do have to get off this vampire schedule. I have work in the morning! Ow, the thought of waking up for it hurts already.

  • Kfar Saba is NOT in the middle of nowhere! It is a positively bucolic town with a diverse sampling of Israeli society and all the benefits of a big city with the feeling of a small town. Better yet, it’s close to the busy Israeli metropolis of Tel Aviv and even closer to the bustling markets, classic architecture and thriving intellectual life of Palestinian town Qalqilya! Come for the Security Barrier, stay for the gunfire!

    …Okay, shut up, so it’s boring. But it does give me a chance to eat shakshuka and sit around blogging the whole damned day. And night, apparently.

  • All I have to say is, you guys DO own. I mean, don’t even put anything after the word “own” like “that magazine.” Just “own” everything.

    Hell, if you came up with a t-shirt that read, “Jewlicious Owns” you’d better believe I’m ordering three of those babies. Two Larges and one XL because I’m gonna use that XL to wash my car so when I’m out washing my car people will see the shirt that I’m accepting is gonna get dirty instead of wearing my Jewlicious Owns shirt and using a separate rag to clean the car, thus ruining my beloved shirt that I don’t want to get ruined.

    You see what I’m saying?

  • you guys in israel when do u actually sleep? or you just always hi on israel and have no need to sleep?

  • I was in Israel last week, and I am in LA now. I have yet to sleep bein’ as I am still so high on Israel. Dude. It’s better than crystal meth. Or so I’ve been told. Cuz I would never know first hand. Cuz drugs are bad.

  • drugz are baaad! i agree. ck dont sleep at the game though.

  • ck, there is a difference if you do tour de monde rouge-oeil (red-eye?) and when u just live somewhere and just live without sleeping, right?

  • I love that Pauly D’s posting here now. And I totally believe in cross-promotion. And Magen David-promotion. (CK et al, thanks for adding that note about me, “Esther D.”)

  • Just one more before I retire today. Do you/we have fireflies in Israel?

  • D: It is indeed pronounced Abutbul in Hebrew or Arabic, but since that sound somewhat odd in English and French, we spell it Abitbol and pronounce it as such.

  • Hey… Don’t knock Kfar Saba, that place is awsome. I’m probably a bit biased and all, being the my saba’s saba (my Saba Raba) is the Saba in Kfar Saba, so I have some roots in the place. Yeah yeah, my grandfather’s grandfather started a yeshiva there long before Independance, Originally there were only 4 farms, and now it’s a bustling metropolus, similar to a P’Tach Tikvah. My Grandfather was born there over 80 years ago, and still lives in the house across the street from where he was born. (It’s easy to find, it’s the only single story, single family house that’s left amid the malls and apartment complexes. What I will say for it though is that it is a lot more Israeli then J-town seems to be these days. You won’t hear English in Kfar Saba and the Sabra’s are in full force. It’s got an award winning open air mall that should be checked out and supported, it’s been the sight of quite a few previous terror attacks. And the local tresure, Penguin’s Ice Cream shop makes homemade ice cream that is the best in the World. So while my grandfather has been trying to convince me to move there and carry on the family legacy for years (something I have no intention of doing, just not into big city’s I guess (cept for J-town, and Tsfat if it qualifies, more out of fame then size) It deffenetly is a place worth checking out.

  • Went to yeshiva there! I have cousins there! Kfar Saba is cool.

    (school = Kiryat Yaakove Herzog = great school)

  • I once had a friend in Kfar Saba. And my Saba’s Saba founded Petach Tikva. Or Petah Tiqwa. Or however they spelled it. But he was a co-founder there, fa realz. There are even streets named after him. And somewhere, there’s a square foot of land that used to be an orchard that is fractionally mine.

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