Persist in their Murderous Ways

Cowards presents us with yet another Gaza-cam Picture of the day. In this photo, the killers of Dov and Rachel Kol kibbitz around at a press conference prior to their heroic mission of killing two defenseless people. Sadly the two martyrs, well, were subsequently martyred by the IDF. If only they engaged in civil disobedience instead, then everyone would still be alive! I guess they didn’t have Ghandi in their bookshelf or they just didn’t pay attention to the devastation wrought by the settlers – I mean what’s 2 dead people compared to a really bad traffic jam?

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Founder and Publisher of Jewlicious, David Abitbol lives in Jerusalem with his wife, newborn daughter and toddler son. Blogging as "ck" he's been blocked on twitter by the right and the left, so he's doing something right.


  • I was really sickened by this story. I don’t really have anything immensely insightful to say. But clearly it’s not just the lessons of pacifism that are lost on these guys, but a basic moral sense of responsibility to other human beings, regardless of political or religious persuasion. May the mourners find comfort.

  • ck, a traffic jam doesn’t come with 25 virgins, or whatever the actual number is. Good grief, that people actually believe such nonsense proves that the assumption of human rationality and intelligence is a liberal extrapolation!

  • That’s really a profound photograph. It evokes images from the Holocaust, in which the perpetrators often are depicted in a kind of ostentatious merriment. Almost as if they can’t or won’t confront the moral enormity of their actions.

  • I really feel that Israel never responded appropriately to that animal who showed his bloody hands to the mob at the beggining of the ‘intifada’ a couple of years ago. By not destroying the entire village where that animal came from, actually it is worse than an animal, Israel showed the world, and especially the arab world that they can get away w/ that also. Israel has been too prissy in dealing w/ these vermin.

  • Vermin…I think I saw that same word, in a book…I think it was called Mein Kampf. It’s your mentality of intolerance that’s not helping to end any of the madness the world is in. Killers, yes, but people, not bugs or parasites or whatever word you can throw out.

    Morissey I totally agree with you. I scrolled up to see any hint of remorse or anxiety, but their faces reveal a sort of euphoria, good times about to be had. And it sucks that for these people, good times means murdering others.

  • So its beginning again, the 3rd intifada? also to reply to post Jobber. The guy with the bloody hands supposedly fled to New Zealand way back when and was taken care of by a mosad agent then and there.

  • I agree with the Gandhi/civil disobedience sentiments (though non-violence is something I sometimes wonder if General Sharon might not also consider as a method of approach…). Suicide bombers certainly help noone at all, least of all their own communities. On the other hand, I notice that someone compares this photo to the Nazi period. I’m afraid I feel that such comparisons do a grave injustice to the victims of the Holocaust, and muddy our understanding of state-racism by confusing the situation in the Middle-East with the far more ghastly supremacist horror that state-endemic antisemitism was. To try and equate Palestinian feelings towards Israelis with the unspeakable views and actions of the National Socialists denigrates the suffering that Europe’s Jews underwent under a policy of complete and legal de-humanisation. Do not speak so glibly of such things: it sullies the depth of their tragedy.

  • David, I respect your point of view. However, I don’t think a comparison between morally-stunted suicide bombers and a morally-stunted SS man is overdrawn.

    Murder is murder, no?

  • ck, I don’t see what this has to do with the disengagement protests. Are you saying there should be no disengagement until the violence is finished? In other words, are you saying we’re in Gaza forever?

  • EY, Israel allowed itself to be humiliated beyond belief at that point. I am only speaking pragmatically. I got tired of seeing grieving Israelis on Television every night. That incident could have been the one where they could stop being so damn prissy like you.

  • EY, you are completely insane. I can call these 2 rats in the picture whatever I like because of what they did. So you are saying that the Jews in Europe were guilty as charged.

    Here folks is the prime example of a sick liberal, Encino Yeled.

  • Judaism believe that the Palestinian’s who hate us (hovers between the 60-80% that support suicide bombings and other massacring of Jews in their own polls) are ‘pereh adam = wild human’. Except that the word human is the adjective.

    Oh, and,
    the guy with the bloody hands has long been sentenced and sent to Israeli jail. Even grew a scruffy beard for the occasion too. Yemach shmo u’zichro.

  • TM: Michael is having dinner with Laya as we speak. Believe me if he was incommunicado for even a day we’d have his Mom posting all over Jewlicious asking if anyone had seen him. It’s all good.

  • Yeah, Michael was in the Negev for a few days…taking….baking classes…and communing with God. When I left him, he was well fed and catching up with his dad on the phone. He’s back in Kfar Saba, and back in communication tomorrow.

  • Because there are a million of them living there, and about 8000 of us after 35 years of trying to grow that community? Because having civilians there weakens us rather than strengthens our military’s hand (this killing is an example, since the IDF cannot be everywhere at once) if we need to enter or retaliate. Because it earns us credibility with the international community while putting stress on the Palestinian leadership to prove they can actually do something. Because it strengthens our hand with respect to keeping a small part of the West Bank, particularly those areas that abut Jerusalem.

  • You see in their society, they are heros, they have attained the highest levels one can strive for. They are part of a military and political movement and ideology that is based on hatred of the Israeli Jew, perhaps all Jews, but mostly Israel. By only putting them in Jail, this just glorifies their stature, their life has reached its highest dream. THe only hope really for the region is a massive economic growth for the Palestinians so that their young people will grow up w/ a goal that is attainable, to study and become a professional or business person. I still feel that it is humiliating for Israel that these people live. The targeted assasinations is not enough, they should have hit them much harder. it is easier for me to say but I did live there and serve in the IDF, albeit in more peaceful times, and w/ a lot of luck, I will be going back to Israel in the near future.

  • They must all be moevd out of Israel.

    Stupid Israel will do some prisoner exchange and let that murderer out. They should kill him now.

  • Two heroes! Those militant settlers that were killed, were not civilians, they’re most likely ex military, armed with a US-made M4 rifle and wearing a bulletproof vest. These zionist, inbred animals deserved to die for the daily hell they put the Palestinian people through.