A second group has laid claims to responsibility for the bombing at Sharm al-Sheikh: the Mujahideen of Egypt. They offer tough words on a web site:

We announce to the whole world that five people from the Mujahideen of Egypt … drove five rigged vehicles — a local taxi, three taxis from outside Egypt and a minibus — into the citadels of the Zionists (Israelis) in our country…We tell the Jews and Christians that they have 60 days to get out of Egypt.

However, another group with ties to Al-Quaeda had already claimed responsibility. And some ‘experts’ were blaming Israel, who ironically are one of the few groups who seem to not want to take responsibility.

Muffti supposes that anyone can claim responsibility for this kind of thing. And since it’s going to happen anyways, Muffti thinks that Jewlicious should jump on the bandwagon and take responsibility for other people’s actions. However, to make it more Jewlicious, Muffti thinks we should only take responsibility for good things. So, Muffti claims responsibility for Jewlicious for:

Cracking an alleged child molester’s code, writing the new Harry Potter (in fact, we wrote all of them a few years back), winning the Tour de France (like that Lance guy really did it. Puhleeze!), fighting forest fire in Utah, causing record level immigration from France, arresting some suspects in the London bombing, and, finally, very much against Muffti’s vote and will, brought back tznius.

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  • Very cute:-)! You may also want to take credit for Australia’s thrashing on England in the first ashes test, aid to Niger among others!

  • If Muffti wants to claim only good things then why muffti is claiming writing the new Harry Potter?

  • There’s an “Onion”-style satire in here if any of us have the cheshek (and the time) to write it.

  • New Harry Potter looks pretty good (Muffti hasn’t actually written, he means, read, any of them. But ex-girlfriends, current girlfriends and others all tell him it is very very good.)

    And in the name of claiming responsibility for good things, Muffti hereby claims on behalf of Jewlicious, Ybocher. You belong to us ya li’l crazy dude.

  • And while we’re at it, let’s blame everything bad on Jewschool. Just for kicks.

  • Wow muffti, I guess it is your chesed program. Are you going to put a list on jpetition.com of things that mufftilicious claims? And what do I get for being claimed? At least retirement watch or something?
    And dont you belittle my crazyness!

  • Ybocher, your craziness is not belittled. Please try to remember that we made you that way. Anyhow, Muffti claims nothing for himself and everything for Jewlicious. Including whatever TM claims for Jewlicious.

    We’re working on a cure for cancer people. But some ‘scientists’ will probably take the credit.

  • Good call, Laya. We will totally take credit; though Muffti may want to back out of that one. He hears atheism might be one of the things holding it back.

    Ybocher, you manifestly may not call me zeidy. Jewlicious created you, not Muffti. And now we’re starting to regret it…

    Just kidding!

  • Oh! muffti thank for that diclaimer at the end I was so worried that since you starting to regret it, you might delete me ( themiddle cant delete me because he doesnt have editing powers 😀 )!!!
    And stop being so stiff – I cant call you his mufftiness nor zeidy. Anything else? Listen, I got it – maybe not zeidy but the grandmu(h)??