I remarked to a friend the other day how surreal it was that just 2 hours away thousands of people’s lives are being turned upside down and this incredible human drama is happening, grief and weeping and heartache, while we in Jerusalem go to work, get grocery’s and make plans for Saturday night.

How very Israeli we have become. Even so, I just spent the last hour looking through these photos, and allowed myself to cry.

“you shall not hearden your heart” (Dvarim. 15:7)

A soldier comforts a settler

A girl prays as soldiers surround the synagogue in Neve Dekalim

Praying for the last time inside the Neve Dekalim synagogue

Pure anguish

Mother and child from Shirat HaYam

I don’t know if I’ve ever seen sadder faces

A soldier, overcome by emotion, collapses.

Soldiers weeping

I actually agree with Mobius. “If you can view these pictures without shedding so much as a tear, you’re simply inhumane.”

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