Boo![Jpost reports that:] Hamas and Islamic Jihad announced today that the PA is fully willing to allow the terrorist groups to retain arms, despite their stated intentions to maintain operations against Israel. As Musa Abu Marzouk, senior Hamas leader in Syria put it:

We stressed during the meeting that the Palestinians have the right to continue the resistance [against Israel] and that there would be no attempt to collect weapons from the resistance groups…The weapons of the resistance were founded to defend the Palestinian people and resist the occupation…The Gaza victory was achieved with the weapons of the resistance, which is the only strategy to drive Israel out of the rest of our lands.

Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Ahmed Qurei concurred:

Gaza is a part of Palestine, and there will be no calm until the establishment of an independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital.

Muffti guesses it’s no surprise that the negotiations had a “cordial atmosphere” to them. It’s fairly easy to agree when no one is disagreeing, after all. And really, who can blame the Palestinian Authority? As the IDF has proved several times over, operating against the wishes of these groups is definitely NOT fun.

In other good news, the Popular Resistance Committees who operate out of Gaza claimed to have developed a missile with a range of 15 km (called the ‘Sajil’), which puts Ashkelon squarely within its range. Muffti supposes the PRC will enjoy a complete lack of disamament.

It’s August 24th, 2005. The forecast calls for more of the same.

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