The Jerusalem Post recently launched a series of blog posts and columns (although the online differentiation between the two is not immediately clear to me) about life in Israel. Some current topics include “The Rabbis Made Me Gay”; (written by “Yaffa,” a lesbian Anglo-Israeli living temporarily in the US), “My Day on the Temple Mount” (written by Ben Zion, a Rutgers student/JPost intern), and “Jerusalem Wanderings: Lunching With Bibi” (written by the otherwise unidentified “Jerusalem Gypsy”) attempt to paint a portrait of Israel’s diversity.

These blogs and columns are part of a JPost initiative called Cafe Oleh, which (according to the site) is designed “to provide the new immigrant (oleh hadash ), the veteran immigrant (oleh vatik), the potential immigrant, and anyone else who is interested in real life, people and happenings in Israel, a window on our everyday society and what we have to offer.”

An events calendar, a comprehensive listing of resources in Israel, an Ask the Expert section, and a Cafe Talk section (which profiles local personalities and businesses) round out the site.

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