As you have probably heard by now, Ala’a Za’akik, 25, an Islamic Jihad member from Beit Omer, blew himself up near the entrance of a bus stop in Be’er Sheva. Ala’a aroused the suspicion of a bus driver and two security guards and the latter pursued him. Both were injured in the blast, as were some 50 civilians. Islamic Jihad and Fatah claim responsibility.

Details at Jpost.

Addendum. Muffti, in his haste to post, forgot to mention the bravery of the two guards. Their pursuit of the bomber likely saved many. Lu’ay Abu Juma, 27, and Pavel Srotzkin,23, a Jewlicious salute goes out to you guys.

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  • the arithmetic of terrorism-gets-rewarded continues… the closer we get to peace, the worse the terrorism gets. the more we give, the more that is taken away.

    the more we try, the harder they try… to kill us.

    if we keep giving in, we’re only going to end up dead. Gaza was just lebensraum, right? it’ll stop after Gaza… right? 😛

  • G-d bless those two soldiers, and I wish them both a speedy and complete recovery.

  • Our reward for betraying our people and conceding to terror…. If there was one main reason for not pulling out of Gaza, it is because it could even remotely be interpreted as placating to pigs above