Imagine the scene: you’re out with a date with your Hebrew honey having some dinner and some drinks. All is going well. Until the check comes, when you notice that, instead of a table number on the bill, are the two words: “Jew couple.”

That’s right, some genius waitress at the Waterfront Grill in Parkhill, NJ (who is no longer in the employ of said Jersey Shore establishment) decided to identify the couple in writing on the bill by their perceived religious background. What’s more, the objectionable phrase resurfaced a few week’s later, on the Jewish guy’s credit card bill:

Relaxing at happy hour on a Friday night, July 8, [Brooklynite Elliot Stein] and his girlfriend of two years, Jennifer Cassin, had just finished their sushi and drinks. When the check arrived, a startled Cassin picked it up and handed it to her boyfriend, saying, “What the hell is this?” Along with the list of their orders was the printed phrase: “Jew Couple.”

Stein said he took the offensive bill and showed it to Jewish friends seated nearby who said they could not believe it. When the group started questioning the manager, Stein said she simply told them there was nothing derogatory about the statement. Stein said he was then asked to leave for making a fuss.

The restaurant’s general manager, Malia Wells, yesterday told The Post that the offending phrase was a matter of “poor judgment on the part of a bartender.” The server, shown as Karina on Stein’s bill, has since “moved on,” Wells said. She would not say whether Karina was fired.

“We are a family restaurant, and we welcome everybody,” she said, adding that the words “Jew Couple” were never intended to be derogatory. “We use it as a form of identity,” she said. She would not elaborate on what the restaurant does when there is more than one couple assumed to be Jewish at the restaurant.

Do you think the server meant it as a compliment? You know, that she really meant to write “Jewlicious couple”?

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