This is from a Chinese news service, and I’ve been unable to find the story anywhere else, but I thought I should share it. Here’s the item in its entirety:

JERUSALEM, Aug. 15 (Xinhuanet) — Some 100 Jewish far-rightists gathered in the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem’s Old City Monday evening in an attempt to break into the Temple Mount, local newspaper Ha’aretz reported on its online edition.

Police forces dispersed the extremists who did not have the permission to march on the compound. One of the organizers was detained by the police.

Earlier on Monday afternoon, police arrested three far-right extremists who attempted to force their way into the Temple Mount. The latest attempt is seen as a further step by far-rightists to spark a conflict between Jews and Arabs in a bid to stop the government’s disengagement plan.

Police in Jerusalem’s Old City have been on their highest state of alert in recent days.

Israeli army began formal implementation of the disengagement plan Monday morning. According to the plan, which put forward by Sharon at the end of 2003, Israel will remove all 21 Gaza settlements and four of about 120 in the West Bank. Enditem

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