Jews for Java. Bean-Brews for Hebrews. JewishStar-bucks. StarofDavidbucks. A Lantsman Latte. Skullcappuccino*. (Somebody stop me.)

That’s right. Even though I’ve never been out with one from JDate, apparently there are Jewish coffee farmers. And now a new interfaith coffee growers’ cooperative out of Mbale, Uganda is producing a kosher, fair trade coffee called Mirembe Kawomera (“Delicious Peace”). The cooperative has a Jewish president, a Christian vice president and a Muslim executive secretary — and one-third of its board is made up of women.

“We think this coalition is unique in all of Africa,” says coffee farmer J. J. Keki, leader of the 700-member Abayudaya Ugandan Jewish community that is at the core of the project…“When we read the news, we see that most of the problems in the world are caused by religion,” he says. “Here we are using religion in the name of peace. We hope that wherever our coffee goes in the world, it will promote peace.”

It’s like I said in the headline. All they are saying is give beans a chance.

(Complete story: JTA)

*I considered going with “Kippaccino,” but thought “Skullcappuccino” was funnier. Am I wrong?

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  • I like “Kippaccino” better, but both are excellent.

    Another suggestion: Bean-A Yisrael (as in “b’nei”? Eh?)

    Do you think they’ll start making Chai Chai Tea, too? (You’d pronounce the first one with the Hebrew “kh” and the second with the “ch” of “cheese”.)

  • i prefer kippaccino me too

    i did not know this kind of multireligious cooperative, it’s good way to close different people

    is ouganda a islamic nation, i don’t think so

  • Jason what makes the coffee more kosher is payment of the Jew Tax the more u pay the more kosher it is

  • Uganda is primarily Christian, with slightly more Catholics than Protestants. More people there practice their native religions than Islam, if that answers your question, guillame. (According to Urban Planet the country is about 15% Muslim.)

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