BarfWhat the hell? Is it open season on Jewish men again? I mean first we have that Kristina Grish woman causing shiksas far and wide to salivate at the thought of a uh… little Hebrew Hammer in between the sheets and now we have that union being enshrined by the most potent exemplar of our cultural zeitgeist – a full page full color ad for Bongo Jeans to appear in September issues of magazines such as Seventeen, Elle Girl and Rolling Stone.

What am I talking about? I’m talking about Paris Hilton’s gal pal Nicole Richie appearing in an ad for Bongo Jeans with her fiance and celebrity DJ Adam Goldstein. This is Richie’s second season as as Bongo’s junior brand spokesperson and Goldstein was brought in to launch the new collection of Bongo men’s apparel.

I glom onto these sorts of stories because despite the fact that I disapprove of dating outside the tribe, they at least demonstrate that Jewish men are desireable and so Jewish women should, you know, get with them more often. But this story also demonstrates the newest frontier inendorsements: celebrity couples!

OK so maybe adding Kevin Federline to Britney Spears wouldn’t be such a marketing tour-de-force, but imagine the possibility of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie (or Brangelina as Esther calls ’em) endorsing, I don’t know, toothpaste or something. It’s both compelling and kinda nauseating at the same time. Whatever. Shalom Jews! Date other Jews.

Oh and mazel tov on esther finally getting a domain name – check it out: – she is such an Internet genius!

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