Mullahs add “fish stealer” to official list of anti-Semitic insults and then wonder why we didn’t just smuggle something more important as long as we were at it.

Referred to as “kosher pork of the sea” (wait til Jessica Simpson wraps her head around this one), scientists from Bar Ilan have discovered the long lost shabut fish

The Babylonian Talmud, which contains numerous discussions about the fish, specifically notes that some of its organs taste like pork (although how the sages were able to make the comparison is not clear).

The great commentator Rashi wrote that it was the brain of the fish that tasted like pig meat, and that it served as a kosher option for people who yearned to eat the forbidden meat.

Certainly does raise an eyebrow. How did they know it tastes like pork? I pass no judgements. In any case, researchers and fish farmers in Israel are very excited to start growing the fish, so secular and religious Israelis alike can have a nice kosher alternative to pork.

Failed Messiah, however, is less optimistic:

Look for Rav Ovadia Yosef to permit the fish and the ‘leaders’ of Modern Orthodoxy in America to ‘defer’ to the position of haredi leader Rabbi Yosef Shalom Elyashiv, who will most certainly ban the fish on the grounds that “we” (i.e., elderly sheltered Ashkenazi rabbis frightened of the world, who have the pallet development of your average three-year-old and who regularly dine on anything once healthy cooked in copious amounts of chicken fat and salt, and washed down with the Israeli version of Tang and an occasional piece of dry sponge cake) do not have a mesora (tradition) of eating it.

Pork fish, huh? While we’re at it, lets try to find the fabled shrimp chicken and lobster apple…

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