Jewish Terrorist Kills 4, Wounds 1

Asher Weisgan, 40, from the West Bank settlement of Shvut Rahel, worked as a driver for Ortal Transports. His job was to shuttle workers back and forth to their job in an industrial job near Shiloh. Today, in a gross dereliction of duty, he opened fire on his two arab passengers. He proceded to shoot 3 more inside the industrial complex. Apparently he obtained the gun by requesting some water from a security guard. The compliant guard then found himself threatened by a knife and was obliged to turn over his weapon.

Unlike Zadeh, a shooter earlier this month, Weisgan was not affiliated with any particularly extremist groups. Friends said he had been suffering from depression as a result of the disengagment. The shooting, according to Sharon,

…[was] aimed against innocent Palestinians, out of twisted thinking, aimed at stopping the disengagement.

Of course, that effect hasn’t come about but concerns about security have led to an even further stretching of already thin security resources. Nice work, Asher! Muffti just wants to know, couldn’t you just have choked down some prozac?

Abbas asked for no-retaliation, but Hamas vowed revenge:

This crime is not going to pass without tough punishment.

So says Hamas spokesman Mushir al-Masri. What she would we look forward to after the disengagement? By the sounds of it, more of the same.

Maybe we should bulldoze his house? Beforehand everyone seemed pretty gung-ho on that policy.

See Jpost for details.

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