Jewish Terrorist Kills 4, Wounds 1

Asher Weisgan, 40, from the West Bank settlement of Shvut Rahel, worked as a driver for Ortal Transports. His job was to shuttle workers back and forth to their job in an industrial job near Shiloh. Today, in a gross dereliction of duty, he opened fire on his two arab passengers. He proceded to shoot 3 more inside the industrial complex. Apparently he obtained the gun by requesting some water from a security guard. The compliant guard then found himself threatened by a knife and was obliged to turn over his weapon.

Unlike Zadeh, a shooter earlier this month, Weisgan was not affiliated with any particularly extremist groups. Friends said he had been suffering from depression as a result of the disengagment. The shooting, according to Sharon,

…[was] aimed against innocent Palestinians, out of twisted thinking, aimed at stopping the disengagement.

Of course, that effect hasn’t come about but concerns about security have led to an even further stretching of already thin security resources. Nice work, Asher! Muffti just wants to know, couldn’t you just have choked down some prozac?

Abbas asked for no-retaliation, but Hamas vowed revenge:

This crime is not going to pass without tough punishment.

So says Hamas spokesman Mushir al-Masri. What she would we look forward to after the disengagement? By the sounds of it, more of the same.

Maybe we should bulldoze his house? Beforehand everyone seemed pretty gung-ho on that policy.

See Jpost for details.

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  • I disdain politics at this point. Leave me alone, Israel’s greatest historical moment.

    All this news you Jewlicious posters put up, just help to depress people.

    The Jewish perspective on this D thing, is not to get down, not to lose hope, not to become bitter. It is very easy to become these, as we see from the Kahanist like posters. Why? What effect does this have on your task in life? if you are a parent, you have to make sure that you don’t screw up your job and marriage, so what does being depressed help you at all?
    Your marriage, like mine, can suck at times, so it is your job to uplife and uplift it.

    If you are single, well there is this new rock musical coming out soon, get aboad, mach schnell.
    Israel will survive, you know listen to Reb Shlomo now, and do chessed do a mitzvah.

  • You see now the Lebanese war was a mistake, it taught the Palestinians and indeed the entire moslem world that suicide bombing works. And who started that dismal war, but Arik.
    Let’s face it, he is a catastrophe.

  • Jobber I agree with you this depression can push people to do all sorts of things.

    What can I tell you. When people are pushed against the wall can people expect no reaction?

    What should be done is for Israel to allow these people the right to vote for policies they want such as removal of the hostile arabs who dance at Jewish defeat. But no it is ‘agaisnt the law’ to have such an opinion. And in a ‘democracy’ we must follow the ‘law.’

    Its the ‘law’ that settlers cannot be in Gush katif – those who remained were in violation of the ‘law’

    Thats what I heard the government say over and over this week.

    I’ll tell you whose law it is – it is the law of Sodom and Gemorrah.

    If they don’t want frusteration and rebellion in the ranks they had better open up the govenment to change and allow all opinions even if they don’t like or agree with it.

  • Joe Schmo– there is a vast difference between a “reaction” and murder.

    Murder is wrong, period, and halacha is not given only for situations where it’s easy to keep.

    I can’t believe that that needed to be pointed out.

    Why should feeling the pain of the settlers forced to leave their homes, keep one from feeling the pain of the murder of innocent people? and the pain of their families?

  • Can I just say that all this could have been avoided if the security guard had not given up his gun so easily.

    DAMMIT! You have a gun, someone threatens you with a knife – DUH?! Give up your gun?

    Two reasons; security guards not being paid enough, and the ‘government/army/court system’ which essentially says that you can buy a gun or carry one on the job, but heaven forbid if you might use it. That’s one reason why I don’t one. Even if you are under fire, and you decide to fire back, if you are still alive afterwards, the first thing that is done – take away your gun, and then you are assumed guilty until proven innocent. So Mr. Security Guard, probably wasn’t even in the frame of mind to use it at all, even on a Jew threatening his life.

    yes, it’s very depressing, but frankly, you can’t be a responsible Jew by just blocking it out and not thinking about it at all. Let it get in the way of job and family? I would hope so. Whatever the ultimate reason is for this evil plan (US pressure, consipracies, Sharon profitting from casino, sacrificing for ‘peace’ etc…) I still think that everyone must do some soul searching about what this means in a private sense.

    Then again, who am I to tell anyone what to think. Everyone has the right to tune out the news adn enjoy life and the pursuit of happiness.

  • Josh, the point is that we can do nothing about it. You can do nothing. Life will go on. A religious Jew does not get depressed over the asshole Sharon.

  • DW,

    Of course that’s not all Muffti thought it was. The man is murderous bastard. Muffti appologizes if that’s the impression he left.

    Schmo, Muffti doesn’t really know what to say to that. If you really think that Sharon’s policies justify killing vigilante killing, well, Muffti thinks you are a nutcase.

    Josh, Muffti thinks you are right about teh security guard; then again, Muffti isn’t sure what he would do when forced to make a snap decision that could mean his life at the point of a knife.

  • Jobber,
    On the other hand there is something good about Jews seeing this – so that hiopefully they will come to thier senses.

    You see the problem is that it is not just Sharon.
    Remember the knesset and ministers (including arabs) voted for it. There is a major problem with the whole country. It is a country that doesn’t know why it should be there. They want to be a democracy and loved by the world but also want to remain a Jewish country. In order to keep thier confused status they resort to banning those who challenge them. They say that those who either a. want to negate the democratic character of Israel or want to negate it being Jewish can’t run in Knesset. So apparantly to be confused and contradictory is the only thing allowed.

    Its time for Jews and specifically the settlers, who are good people, to understand that Kahane was right all the way 30 years ago to this day. The Yesha leaders and the religious leaders have led them astray -they all also had a hand in banning and condemning him.

    Hopefully Jews will see this and will understand that ‘settling more land’ or ‘for every attack we will make another settlement’ without removing the enemy from the land will be unsuccessful.

    It is time for Teshuvah.

  • yes he’s a terrorist .yes he commited cold blooded murder,yes it wrong. And yet I have no negative emotions about it at all.

  • Jobber,
    Josh, the point is that we can do nothing about it. You can do nothing. Life will go on. A religious Jew does not get depressed over the asshole Sharon.

    Actually, there is so much that you can do. First of all, the ‘disengagement’ is not over yet. Until the last Jew is pulled from his home and all the houses and shuls are destroyed, there is still hope that the insanity will be stopped (though a Jew killing Sharon right now would only work into the hands of the left).

    If you are secular, than frankly, there’s not much consolation to be found except through escapism. If you are religious, you can either lose faith, or go to the next step and increase your spirituality which frankly can increase your quality of life exponentially as well as the fate of the entire Jewish nation.

  • Um, Zada (the previous shooter) was NOT affiliated with any exremist group – he had a very clear previous record of mental imbalance, to the point where his own family asked the army to have him examined/disarmed.

    He was AWOL several times, winding up spending a few months hanging out at a settlement. He never lived in the territories, and was never a “member of an extremist group” – which is leftie-journalist code for “those crazy settlers” – nor did he act in anyone’s name.

    Same with this guy. It’s clear where the large mass of settlers and other defenders of democracy were on that day, and how they expressed their opposition.

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